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Lola Amour’s Album Launch Concert Was Full Of Surprises and Plot Twists—Here Are A Few Highlights

Surprises and performances galore.

Lola Amour brought not just rain and great performances to their album launch concert, but also plenty of guests and a few surprises in between.

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Funk-pop-rock band Lola Amour recently dropped their debut studio album Lola Amour, and to launch and celebrate a milestone that was a long time coming, they held an event in Makati that was no regular album launch.

Lola Amour: The Album Concert is a two-day launch concert that was held in Makati last April 13 and will be held in Cebu on April 27. The first concert was Raymond King’s last show with the band, as it was announced that the bassist and vocalist was leaving after eight years with Lola Amour. With a colorful, dramatic, epic theme, the band being joined by members old and new—as well as a plethora of special guests—the Lola Amour album launch concert was one to remember. Check out a few highlights and “plot twists” that had audiences (and even band members 👀) at a loss for words.


The album launch seemed more like a music festival, as bands Any Name’s Okay and Cup of Joe took the stage to open for Lola Amour with their songs like Yugto and Estranghero, respectively. After, the band themselves started their set, where mid-show, afterparty guests PLAYERTWO joined them early on stage to perform Sundan Mo Ko.

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As they went into singing their new songs, every note signified the emotion, dedication, and hard work that went into Lola Amour’s debut album. Song after song, the band continued to prove why they’re one to watch—and why they’re lasting as long as they are. Their versatility, chemistry, energy, and musicality made the night sparkle.


One of the most remarkable and unexpected moments of the show was when Lola Amour brought out one truly special guest to help them kick off their set in a memorable way—Dante Gulapa! The dancer and viral sensation graced the stage and danced his signature moves to the encouragement of both the band and the crowd of thousands.


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Introduced as a “token” for departing member Raymond King, another special guest was brought to the concert stage: Martin Kim, Lola Amour’s former keyboardist. An “alumni,” as vocalist Pio Dumayas says—or OG member of the band—Martin performed the Korean version of the Lola Amour song Pwede Ba.


To cap off the show, Lola Amour brought out the big guns as they performed their megahit Raining in Manila—and made it rain right on stage! The single is arguably Lola Amour’s most successful, reaching far and wide, and changing their career trajectory forever. It seemed only fitting that they ended their album launch concert with a song that symbolizes new milestones and new beginnings.


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Show’s not over yet! After the main concert, Lola Amour held an afterparty available to VIP ticket holders. Hip-hop collective PLAYERTWO took the stage, and—to the cheers of the crowd—invited FELIP up on stage with them to perform their collabs FLYYY and Pagdali! The night ended on a high note, more than just a concert and launch of Lola Amour’s new album, but a lively celebration of Filipino music.

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