Going Green: 5 Local Shops To Get Eco-Friendly Packaging For Your Next Budol

A better way to package your gifts.

Do that Christmas shopping without contributing to pollution with locally made eco-friendly packaging.

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It’s a feeling most of us know and love. You go shopping, press add to cart, and wait for that purchase to arrive. Once it arrives at your house, you open the packaging and revel in your latest purchase. Those moments can often give off a very addicting feeling that’s central to the haul and budol culture. But as much as there is joy in buying that latest find, there also is the concern of the carbon footprint you leave behind, especially when it comes to packaging. As the Christmas season begins in earnest, the use of plastics, papers, wrappings, and other packaging materials will soon be dumped in our landfills.

There’s nothing wrong with buying what you want or need, but there are things we can do to lessen the environmental impact of shopping. And one way is through the use of recyclable and biodegradable packaging. And luckily, there are local brands out there who are more than willing to supply customers with environmentally friendly packaging. So, before you wrap that present or buy that next budol, check out these sustainable packaging options.


Courier service Fifth Express is all about sustainable delivery. And they do that through compostable and plastic-free packaging that covers every item they deliver. Their plant-based packaging is made out of corn-based biopolymers, which means it will only take six months for them to decompose in landfills, as compared to the dozens of years for the usual material. Fifth Express operates mainly in NCR, Bulacan, Cavite, and Rizal. Check out their website on how you can avail of their services.


This company is all about helping online businesses and other SMEs. And one of the ways they do that is by providing these sellers with eco-friendly use-your-own-recycled pouches. When you work with them, plastics will be a thing of the past as they made sure all their material are sustainable for the environment all while keeping the items safe while in transit. For more details, check out their website.


Established in 2018, EcoNest Philippines isn’t shy about its mission for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Philippines. To achieve that, they partner with businesses to have them use packaging made out of plant-based materials. That way, these wrappings won’t just clog up the drains or be litter the streets. You get what you want inside packaging that helps the environment.


Plastics are one of the worst pollutants that negatively affect our environment. This is why local company JuanLoop recycles plastics and makes them into the JuanBag. These bags, usually made out of canvas and vinyl tarpaulins can be used over a hundred times. This means people won’t have to constantly get new packaging materials if they use the bags properly. Think of all the paper and plastics that can be saved.


Luntian Philippines eco-friendly packaging

What started as a project among students Lyanne Sy, Andrea Bugarin, Janna Pablo, Timothy Oscaris, and Jericho Lo has turned into a company striving to lessen harmful materials in the packaging we use. What they offer is alternative bubble wrap that can decompose in 180 days, as well as other compostable materials. All this builds on their campaign of 1% by LUNTIAN, which is to convert 1% of all retailers in the Philippines to use environmentally-friendly packaging. Check them out here on how you can get your hands on their green packaging.

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