LITZ Kidlat

LITZ Brings Their Vocal A-Game With Their Long Awaited Debut, ‘Kidlat’

Para bang Kidlat.

After months of build up and anticipation, P-pop girl group LITZ finally makes their debut with a show of force that is Kidlat.

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You could say LITZ has the makings of becoming one of the biggest P-pop girl groups out there. Its members, Ashtine, Heart, Fatima, Bianca, and Yumi, are all rising young stars in their own right. They come from one of the biggest entertainment companies in the Philippines. And they have an all-star team behind them that has worked with some of the best in the industry. Their pre-debut single Natataranta, a cover of James Reid’s song, gave listeners a taste of what they had to offer with their slick moves, strong vocals, and attention grabbing charisma. They gave the song a pop and electronic flavor through their take and it fit the concept so well.


Now, the time has finally come for LITZ to make their official debut with the release of their new single Kidlat. And let’s just say if you’ve been sleeping on this group, we suggest now is the time to pay attention to LITZ.


After an initial delay, LITZ finally dropped Kidlat, a love song that mixes elements of pop, EDM, and electronic leanings. Composed by Marion Aunor, the all Filipino track is about being in a relationship that is one its last legs. But then the couple experiences those moments where everything starts rushing back again, as if like lightning. It’s a song about those sudden sparks you feel even when things look as if they aren’t working.

At first, the track starts relatively slow enough as the verses slowly builds towards the chorus. It is not as upbeat as some may expect, but it reaches a crescendo as the beat drops in the chorus. It all culminates in a finale that screams dance break with matching lights show. It’s a good song, but what stands out is how good all the members sound. The girls really brought the vocals for Kidlat as they sound crisp and clear, whether it be in their solos or in their harmonies.

Overall, it’s a great debut and a much welcome one at that. It’s a special moment for the group and their fans as it’s been a long time coming. If you follow LITZ, then you know that this girl group has that magic in them that radiates star potential. We can’t wait to see what else LITZ has to offer as they reach their full potential. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for new music and we might even get that debut album.

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