Lisa Really Went From Extra In TAEYANG’s Music Video To Starring In One

Yup yup yup.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa started as a background character for one of TAEYANG’s music videos to collaborating with him in Shoong!. We love to see it.

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Before you reach the top, you first have to start somewhere. Every journey begins with a single step that leads you to your goals. Such is the case with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Before she became the K-pop superstar we all know and love, the Thai artist first auditioned for and passed YG Entertainment. For years, she trained in the company before eventually debuting with the rest of the members in 2016. And it was during her trainee period that Lisa made a small cameo for one of her ultimate idols, TAEYANG. Fast forward to 2023, and Lisa got to check off another item on her bucket list with her official collaboration with the BIGBANG member in Shoong!


On April 25, TAEYANG released his highly-anticipated new album, Down to Earth. Considering how this is his first album since 2017’s WHITE NIGHT, the hype for this EP was real. As such, TAEYANG’s first music era since going to the military and starting a family saw the K-pop idol go big. TAEYANG kicked things off back in January by releasing VIBE, his collaboration with BTS’ Jimin that proceeded to get the internet talking for days. Now, we have the album and its six new tracks.

To mark the occasion, TAEYANG dropped the music video for his new single, Seed. But the release that had BLINKS and VIPS cheering was the performance video he dropped for Shoong!, his collaboration with BLACKPINK’s Lisa. TAEYANG starts off the track and video as smooth and suave as ever as the R&B song lets his buttery-smooth vocals shine. Lisa then joins in as she elevates the motorsport-themed number to new heights. She gave us vocals and rap as the idol channeled her inner Kehlani. As you can imagine, the two K-pop idols bodied the dance floor with their moves and charisma that leaped through the screen. The only thing wrong about the video is that Lisa doesn’t dance until the end. 

While Shoong! didn’t get a dedicated music video per se, we’re more than happy with the performance video given how both stars tore it up. Honestly, the performance video was giving MV quality. And while seeing these two perform together for the very first time is a moment to savor, it’s even more of a dream come true for Lisa considering how she looks up to TAEYANG. Also, it’s a noticeable upgrade from when Lisa last appeared in a TAEYANG music video.


Back in 2013, TAEYANG dropped the music video for his iconic RINGA LINGA. And in those shots where the BIGBANG member is surrounded by dancers and extras in black, Lisa makes an appearance as part of the crowd. She, along with other soon-to-debut idols like Bobby, B.I., and Minho, appear mostly in the background and have blink-then-you’ll-miss-it scenes. Still, considering how they were all trainees back then, it must have felt good to be included in TAEYANG’s music video.

Nearly a decade later, Lisa went from dancing in the background to being his co-star, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s a moment of manifestation right there and proof that working hard can let you achieve your dreams. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll go stream Down to Earth.

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