10 Lippies From Filipino Beauty Brands That’ll Give Your Taylor Swift’s Classic Red Lip

And I got that red lip classic thing that you like.

Taylor Swift is the singer-songwriter you can count on for heartbreak songs. Who knew that this popstar also sets the standard for a classic red lip look?

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While it’s no secret that we’re all in for trying new beauty trends, there’s something special about classic makeup moments, like luscious red lips. As it signals confidence and serves the perfect pout, it’s no surprise that celebrities swear by this runway-ready staple. And when it comes to a red lip, we all have one particular person in mind: Taylor Swift.

Let’s rewind to 2009 when Westman, the creative behind the clean beauty brand Westman Atelier, introduced Taylor Swift to red lipstick on the set of her first cover for an American magazine. Since then, the singer-songwriter has never looked back as she’s continuously been running the show with this specific shade and it never went out of style. And the best part? You don’t have to look far for products that will give you that red lip classic. Here’s how you can recreate Taylor Swift’s classic red lip looks with these 13 lippies from Filipino beauty brands.


I don’t know about you, but we’re feeling this Barenebliss Cherry Makes Cheerful Velvet in Wine Thrill. The lush wine-stained shade captures a youthful and carefree spirit that will have you embracing your early twenties. It’s not too red, but it still serves a certain confidence that embodies the essence of feeling young, wild, and free.

BLK Cosmetics

BLK Cosmetics offers a range of red lip shades suitable for every skin tone. However, if you’re looking for the specific shade worn by Taylor Swift on the Rock in Rio 2015, the Rouge Hydrating lipstick in Cabernet is your best bet. It delivers a rich red pigment and a long-lasting formula that will keep you singing along to Ms. Swift’s songs all day long.

Chü Chu Beauty

To capture Taylor Swift’s iconic red lip look, look no further than Chü Chu Beauty’s Juicy Dew Tint in Cherry Cola. This sweet shade is reminiscent of your favorite soda, but with a delightful twist – it’s all about nodding to the pop star’s perfect pout. This lip tint is designed to make a statement, so prepare to turn heads with a single smile.

Careline Cosmetics

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the moment, and you can’t make me think otherwise. If you’re also in your lover girl era, give the Careline Cosmetics’ Whipped Cream Tint in Mousse a try. Now, picture this: blushing cheeks and lightweight lips that will make you feel like you’re floating in love.

Colourette Cosmetics

With a stunning shade that’s perfect for next season, you won’t have a cruel summer with the Colourette Colourtint in Kira. While we’re fans of more natural shades like Bonnie and Emma, this orange-red is perfect pout for a bright and summery look.

Detail Cosmetics

You can’t stop, won’t stop groovin’ with Detail Cosmetics’ Satin Luxe Butter Tint in Raspberry Jam. Its semi-sheer formula complements your natural tone while mirroring the viral beauty moment from Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off music video. If you’re wearing this lip look, even the best players won’t play.

Ever Bilena

Now, we’re all about the classic red lip—a thing that you like. And nothing gives a more classic shade of red like the Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Storm. It’s a timeless type of bright red that never goes out of style, making it the perfect choice for making a bold statement and catching everyone’s eye.


Cherry lips, crystal skies, the ISSY Lip Bullet in Revenge can show you incredible things. For starters, the shade name perfectly fits the theme of Blank Space. Then, there’s a raging red shade that will turn you into the nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Ready. Set. Glow.

If you’re channeling your inner RED era, consider this bold red lip from Ready Set Glow instead of dialing up your ex-boyfriend tonight. Take notes from the Badass Lip Stain in DFK—loving him might look like this red, but you won’t be never ever ever getting back together.

Sunnies Face

Much like Taylor Swift, the Sunnies Face Fluffmatte is a major moment. As the shade suggests, along with its lightweight feel and long-lasting formula, it’s a go-to choice for those who appreciate both style and substance.

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