ICYMI, Here’s What Went Down at the Levi’s 501 Day Shindig

A little party never killed nobody. ?

Having a bad case of FOMO? Don’t fret! We’ve got the latest buzz on what happened at this year’s Levi’s 501 Day

It was on the 20th of May in 1873 when the world’s first blue jean, the Levi’s 501, received its official patent. Fast forward to just a few days before its 149th anniversary, May 18, 2022 to be exact, we celebrated 501 Day with a bang—a special event not only to raise our glasses to the jean that’s been with us for decades now, but to also formally launch the cover partnership between NYLON Manila, Levi’s, and Issa Pressman.

As the event was about to begin, Yellow Brick Media PR Director Franco Saycon welcomed and thanked everyone for joining Levi’s in this momentous occasion. It’s not everyday, especially this time around, that we all get to be in each other’s company to celebrate a crowd-favorite denim jean that is simply iconic.

Franco was also joined by Kat Costas, SEA E-Commerce Marketing Lead for Levi’s, and eventually the star of the night, Issa Pressman, who both gave their warmest welcome to those of us in attendance. With the opportunity and honor that Issa was given, which was to be the Filipino visionary to work on the Levi’s Traveling 501, she also shared how she was able to give a glimpse of the beauty and heart of the Philippines to her fellow visionaries around Southeast Asia by incorporating a charming sunset in her painting, as well as the word “Pinay” around it.

“To be able to represent the Philippines through my art with all of my heart—[it was] amazing.”

Issa Pressman on her feelings towards being the Filipino visionary for the Levi’s Traveling 501

NYLON Manila Editor-in-Chief Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena was then called to join them to finally unveil the much-awaited NYLON Manila Headline cover featuring none other than, as Angelo said, “Miss Issa Pressman, our Kween of all trades.” Upon the unfolding of the cover, Issa got to proudly show off the 501 jean she worked on, as well as her other works of art that were included in our money shot.

Unparalleled creativity all around

Throughout the event, DJs Marga on the Mic and Euric Lumanog got everyone dancing on our feet like there was no tomorrow. Issa even graced us with an impromptu performance of her song “Monkey Business” at one point! Truly an artist in her own space.

Guests were also welcome to get photos taken by MEETKESO at the designated 501 Photo Wall by the entrance. We became our own work of art as the event’s team of artists from Wee Will Doodle completed the entire look of every single photo by adding incredibly creative and colorful illustrations around it, making each snapshot a one of a kind.

Situated on the other side of the room was the Levi’s Tailor Shop where all of us were encouraged to go wild and crazy by customizing our own sets of 501 tote bags, jackets, pants, and shirts with the help of their funky patches and pins of different designs. Our visions were then brought to life thanks to the remarkable team behind the shop. Issa even hopped on the DIY train by helping a lucky guest customize their own pair of 501 jeans! Now isn’t that a perfect way to end the night, or what?

Celebrate the Levi’s 501 jean with us by visiting their website, and even score a pair of the iconic pants for yourself.

Photography KIERAN PUNAY of STUDIO100