kylie verzosa clapbacks to toxic comments

Kylie Verzosa Has The Most Killer Clapbacks To Toxic Comments

As she should.

Caution: Spicy clapbacks coming through.

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In a world where social media often blurs the lines between ‘being honest’ and humanity, celebrities find their feeds flooded with an incessant stream of comments—some supportive, but also toxic. They are called names, criticized for matters beyond their control, and torn apart by commenters who think they know them inside out. In this unforgiving arena, most celebrities choose to turn a blind eye, but this isn’t one of those things Kylie Verzosa would simply shrug off.

Beyond her Miss International 2016 title, she is renowned for radiating that unmistakable unbothered energy. Unfazed by backhanded compliments and ceaseless criticism, don’t underestimate her—she knows how to clap back whenever necessary. With that in mind, scroll through Kylie Verzosa’s perspective on standing strong in the face of unsolicited advice and slut-shaming.

Addressing Backhanded Compliments with a Clapback 

When Kylie Verzosa shared snippets from an event last August, someone chimed in with a little throwback Thursday in mind. ‘Love the old look of Ms. Kylie. Yung look during the pageant, natural ang ganda before,’ she said.

Classic comment, right? But the former Miss International clapped back with, ‘Girl, how did you look 8 years ago? I’m sure iba din.’ Ouch! This backhanded compliment has us pondering the thin line between being honest and saying things that are better left unsaid. Ah, the world of beauty preferences—it’s a rollercoaster ride!

Bye, Baby Boomer!

Whether Kylie Verzosa was wrapped in a coat or snapping a swimsuit photo, she always caught the attention of conservative commentators. ‘Try mo mag Abaya! Ung Black outfit sa Saudi Arabia para naman mysterious ang dating! Kita na naming lahat eh,’ a user suggested. 

Usually unfazed by opinions on her outfits, Kylie had her fill and fired back with unapologetic sass, saying, ‘Mommy try mo only fans baka mas exciting for you.’ ICDYK, OnlyFans is a platform popular for adult entertainment. 

And if that wasn’t enough heat, she took the showdown to her Instagram stories, posting the screenshot captioned with another killer response: ‘Dapat iba nadin ig ng mga matatanda!’ At this point, people should really consider creating a media platform tailored to baby boomers.

TTYL, I’m Calling my Lawyer 

As it turns out, the toxic side of social media isn’t limited to commenters—some websites add fuel to the fire too. Back in March 2023, Kylie Verzosa reached her limit when an article titled ‘Kylie Verzosa inokray ng netizens mukha raw tuyot, retokada’ was published by an online news organization. While the titleholder-turned-actress is often unbothered, this time wasn’t one of the usuals, prompting her to tweet about calling her lawyers.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, Kylie clarified that it wasn’t because she was hurt by the headlines, but these types of articles shouldn’t even be published in the first place. “Ginawa ko yon para tumigil na. Para tumigil na sila sa pagsusulat ng ganoon, not only to me but to other people as well,” she says.

We’re Still Slut-Shaming, Really? 

Following a three-year relationship, Kylie Verzosa and Jake Cuenca confirmed their split in 2022. Now, in her healing phase, the actress shared a breathtaking bikini photo—you know where this is heading, right?

While fans flooded her feed with positive comments, a user killed the mood with, ‘Nabuwagan Ing ni Jake Cuenca mura nmn bigaun uy haha.’ Translation: a clear case of slut-shaming.

It’s disheartening to see judgment cast, especially when someone embraces self-expression, but wait—let’s not forget, Kylie has her back! ‘Thank God I didn’t understand this language; I feel so bad for you! Sana gamitin nyo na lang sa ikabubuhay niyo mga mashonda,’ she snaps. Well, that’s one way to ~respectfully~ handle the situation. 

On Being Called ‘Too Thin’ 

Kylie Verzosa recently went on a trip to Amanpulo, and she made us feel FOMO with sultry swimwear and summer-ready OOTDs. Then again, bashers, along with backhanded compliments, were the first to talk on her feed.

From comments missing the ‘old Kylie’ to concerns about her health, the Penduko actress respectfully responded with, “i’m at the healthiest i’ve ever been and have the best energy levels! I’ve just come to the conclusion that whenever i post my body, people will criticise, that i’m too much of this, too little of that, no matter how much i take care of myself.

Proving that things are going way off-script (yet again), Kylie had to tackle body-shaming comments in another post. She starts the message with her 2024 manifesto: “This 2024, I told myself that I would take even better care of myself and my body. I’ve come to accept that people will always criticize you about your body, [and] say you’re too much of this, too little of that, no matter how much you take care of yourself.

ICYDK, Kylie Versoza isn’t just a titleholder-turned-actress; she’s a vocal advocate for mental health through her NGO, Mental Health Matters PH. Beyond her entertainment career, the 31-year-old also leads an active lifestyle, reflecting her commitment to well-being.

Ending her recent empowering message on a positive note, Kylie shared, “I’m so happy you’re here; hope you guys prioritize your health and well-being too this year.” With that in mind, let’s turn social media into a safe space for celebrities as well. While Kylie Verzosa is no stranger to spicy clapbacks, let this serve as a reminder that stars are human too.

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