Girl Group Domination: The K-pop Comebacks And Concerts Of August 2022 To Get You Hyped

In the words of IVE, "My god I love it.".

Check your wallets because this August promises to be an explosive month of comebacks from the likes of BLACKPINK, Girls’ Generation, and more.

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Back in July, we said that the month was a crazy one for K-pop comebacks and concerts, which was true. But August 2022 must have seen all that go down and said, I’ll show you what a crazy month in K-pop looks like. In the coming days, arguably some of the biggest releases of the year are set to drop. In particular, it must be girl group season as some of the top groups, both in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen, are all having anticipated comebacks this month. And of course, all the concerts and fansigns coming to the country in August is enough to keep any K-pop fan happy. Here are just some of the incoming comebacks and concerts to prepare for. Note that these are just confirmed dates, so you never know if someone might pull a NewJeans on us.


Former Iz*One member YENA had a phenomenal solo debut all the way back in January with the release of her utterly addicting debut single, SMILEY, and debut EP of the same. And now, she’s back to give us more bops with the release of her new catchy single SMARTPHONE and 2nd mini-album of the same name on August 3.


Even though BTS is technically on a break, we’re still getting new music from the group. This collab has long been rumored and we finally get to hear it in full. What we initially thought was a collab with Snoop Dogg turned out to be also a team up with noted hitmaker Benny Blanco. The track is called Bad Decisions, but we have a feeling we won’t regret pressing play on the song. Can you imagine, the vocal line with Benny and Snoop Dogg coming in with the raps. That would be everything. The tune drops on August 5.


First was the 2NE1 reunion at Coachella. Then, SISTAR had a reunion on the final episode of Sketch Book after five years. And now, Girls’ Generation are actually releasing new music for the first time in years. The 2nd gen revival is truly alive and well. The K-pop gods and those above (AKA SM Entertainment) must have heard our wishes as the legendary girl group is making their long awaited comeback this 2022. SM Ent revealed that Girls’ Generation will drop a new album called FOREVER 1 on August 5, which actually marks their 15th anniversary since their debut in 2007. The 8th month with all eight members part of the comeback with eight also symbolizing infinity, it just feels so correct.


In just a couple of years , THE BOYZ have gone from relative obscurity to a fast rising 4th gen boy group. And this August marks a special month for them as they’ll drop their 7th mini-album, Be Aware and title track Whisper on the 16th. This actually marks the first official Korean comeback for the boy group this 2022 expect THE BOYZ to go all out for this one.


BLACKPINK is finally in our area (again) in what promises to be their biggest era to date. On July 5, YG Entertainment set social media on fire with the drop of their comeback trailer that was filled with juicy tidbits. First, the group is set to drop two music videos, both of which are YG’s most expensive mv’s to date. The first, entitled Pink Venom, will drop this August 19 ,12 PM PHT, as their pre-release single which will kick off “a continuous large-scale project which extends through the second half of the year.” That includes their second, as well as second album dropping in September.

Speaking of their album, we also have confirmation that it will be called BORN PINK, a reference to their identity, “which is never ordinary and will exude a fatal aura.” We already know Ryan Tedder’s work is going to be on the album as he shared on Good Morning America that one or two of his songs made the final cut. He previously co-wrote the group’s collab with Cardi B, Bet You Wanna. The snake themed concept for this comeback is going to be epic. Finally, their next world tour, which has been described as the biggest ever for a K-pop girl group, will begin this October. And this is just the announced plans, who knows what other surprises BP has in store for their grand return.


In just two singles, IVE has established themselves as one of the top girl groups of 4th gen. ELEVEN and LOVE DIVE are pure bops and some of the best K-pop songs released in recent years. With that being said, the hype and expectations for their latest comeback is real. IVE is ready to serve once more with the release of their 3rd single album, After Like, on August 22. While we would have preferred an EP over another single album, new IVE music is always a time for celebration.


It seems as if we keep on hearing about TWICE every other month. But in reality, one of the most hardworking girl groups in the industry has actually not dropped a new Korean album this year so far. That is about to change, however. After viral solo releases and record breaking concerts, the girls are back with a new mini-album, their 11th, called BETWEEN 1&2. Their title track, meanwhile, will be called Talk That Talk. Based on the concept trailer, it seems that we’re getting a spies meets 90s/early 2000s concept which is something the group definitely hasn’t done before. All of that and more will be dropping on August 26.


Speaking of August 26, that day will also be a busy one for Ahgase as Mark Tuan is finally dropping his debut solo album, The Other Side. After a series of single releases over the past two years, Mark is finally about to see his creative vision in full in an album that was long in the making. MT 1 is coming and you better get ready.


ASTRO member and actor Cha Eun Woo is set to entertain his Filipino fans once more with his upcoming fanmeet in Manila this August. As revealed by DNM Entertainment, the event is called Cha Eun Woo: 2022 Just One 10 Minute and will be held at the Araneta Coliseum on August 6. This marks the third time he’s held a fanmeet with his Pinoy fans and the second doing so in person. He first came to the country for his solo fanmeet in October 2019. He then held a virtual fanmeet with his Filipino fans this January 2022 in partnership with Smart. The last time he was in Manila, he sang a Ben&Ben song in fluent Tagalog. Who knows what new surprises he has in store this time.


Super Junior just had their latest comeback this July. And Filipino E.L.Fs have much more to look forward to from the legendary group as they are coming to Manila this August. Entitled Super Show 9, the group is set to perform at the Mall of Asia Arena on August 6. A comeback and concert back-to-back? Pinoy E.L.Fs are staying well fed.


When Filipino Ahgase joked that they were getting GOT7 tingi version, who knew that would be right. First is Youngjae, then BamBam, followed by Jackson. And now, we’re getting Yugyeom. GOT7’s maknae is the fourth member of the group to travel to the country for a concert. He’s bringing is slick moves and fresh beats to the New Frontier Theater on August 19 in what promises to be a must-see night for many Ahgase.


Former iKON member and current soloist is set to go beyond the confines of online fancalls when it comes to meeting his Filipino fans as he’s set to hold an in-person fanmeet entitled B.I Offline in the country this August 27 at the New Frontier Theater. Those videos of him performing btbt live have got us feeling some type of way to fans are definitely lucky to see him live.

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