KDLex Music Duo Moments That Left Our Hearts Fluttering

Hottest musical pair energy. ❤️‍🔥

Apart from their irresistible chemistry, KDLex have also made fans fall hard for their undeniable musical talent.

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Last year could be called the year of KDLex, the time when KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad captured hearts with their genuinely pleasant chemistry and a relationship that radiates green-flag energy in all aspects. From being unassuming housemates on PBB, KD and Alexa went on to achieve milestone after milestone in their career in 2022, having new shows, holding concerts for their ever-supportive Sweethearts and Solids, releasing original songs, and being the breakout loveteam of the year, as well as stepping into the light as some of the nation’s brightest stars.

And with their theater debut coming this 2023, there’s no denying that KDLex have truly made themselves known as the talented duo. Speaking of, we know that KD and Alexa have both got the voices and songwriting skills; two elements that’ve made them distinct from some of the other loveteams out there. Let’s look at some of the moments where KDLex proved the hottest musical pair that they are and consequently, melted our hearts.


Alright, we know that both KD and Alexa have got the pipes, but their on-the-spot rendition of one of the songs from Walang Aray in their Kapamilya Chat session hits different. The way their voices meld together makes for a captivating harmony that’s just a blessing to our ears. Alexa even has an allergic reaction during this impromptu performance but still, her and KD’s musicality shines. If you’re looking for a reason to get seated at their theater debut, this would be it.


If that enchanting duet is not enough reason for you to grab some tickets for Walang Aray, then prepare to be amazed once more with this video of KDLex performing on-stage during the musical’s preview last year. Look at them just being naturally confident and charming as Julia and Tenyong, proving us for the umpteenth time that they are than ready to take on the stage.


What separates KDLex from other emerging love teams of late is the fact that apart from acting, they can also both sing (like, really sing) and write songs as well. Remember when they proudly released two original tracks last year? One of them is the upbeat love song Misteryo, which Alexa wrote and is about how two people are fascinated by the mystery of their easy love. And KDLex surely captures that first love excitement with their debut performance of Misteryo on the ASAP stage.


Another original song that KDLex have both penned is the romantic and mellow ballad When I See You Again, which tells the story of KD and Alexa’s experience at the PBB house and their wishes for each other for the future. In their performance video that has now been viewed hundreds of thousands times, KDLex evokes this dreamy couple vibe that, matched with an edit of their ever-sweet moments together, will inevitably make you smile.


In their performance of another original composition, Hiwaga, in their Run To Me Concert, KDLex embodies the talented musical pair that they are, giving us some melodious goodness that, to be honest, we don’t deserve.


Sweetness and just genuine fondness for each other never runs out with KDLex and that’s exactly why they’re loved by their supportive Sweethearts and Solids. Just like that time when they guested at the morning show, Magandang Buhay, and displayed both their musical prowess and their special feelings for each other. KD played the piano and performed a song he composed for Alexa called Mahal Kita? much to the latter’s kilig. Alexa then answered with another love song that she created off the cuff. And just like her, you also wouldn’t be able to contain you romantic excitement watching the two love birds get cute with each other.


Let’s get a little nostalgic with a throwback to the early days of KDLex. Fresh from the Pinoy Big Brother house where they both joined Kumunity Season 10 Celebrity Edition, Alexa and KD performed the PBB theme song Pinoy Ako with Rico Blanco. It’s just quite a beautiful moment to see how KDLex began as this unassuming, charismatic, and talented duo who did not know that they’re going to be one of the nation’s hottest loveteams.

Please Be Careful With My Heart

At the Jeepney TV Fan Favorite Awards last year, KD and Alexa soothed and warmed our hearts once again with their take on Juris and Sam Milby’s Please Be Careful With My Heart, which was the theme song of the hit television series of the same name. And just like Richard and Maya, KDLex did not fail to make us all fall for their irresistible chemistry.


Just to add to the KDLex cuteness that you’ve been enjoying since you started diving into this list, here’s a behind-the-scenes snippet during their ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID shoot. Just like the song title, Tayo Ang Ligaya ng Isa’t Isa, you can really see through their little affectionate interaction how KD and Alexa are truly each other’s happiness.

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