KATHNIEL: ISANG DEKADA Lovingly Charts The 10-Year Journey of KathNiel

Get the story of how KathNiel came to be.

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of KathNiel as a love team, the superstar duo dropped a documentary that tells the story of this game-changing partnership.

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In the Philippine entertainment industry, love teams come and go like the seasons. It feels like every other month, a new love team is introduced to the public in the hopes of being the next It-couple. Some fizzle out while others make an undeniable splash. But few loves teams have left a mark and impact as great as KathNiel has. Ever since 2011, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have made millions laugh, cry, and feel kilig both on and off the screen. Through it all, they have withstood the test of time to be one of the most popular love teams of the modern generation and establish themselves as the standard.

So, in celebration of the couple’s 10th anniversary as a love team, KathNiel dropped a documentary called KATHNIEL: ISANG DEKADA that charts their journey. Not only is the documentary a must-watch for any KathNiel fan, but it’s also a worthy viewing experience for anyone who has ever been curious as to what makes this phenomenal love teamwork work so well.


Before you get to know the love team, you first have to get to know the people behind the pairing, which is why the documentary dedicates its beginning to set up how Kath and DJ were as kids and young teens. With commentary from their mothers, it helps build them up, their personalities, and see where they came from. We get to see Kathryn’s start as a commercial model and Daniel’s beginnings as the son of a celebrity couple.

It also helps build the context for their eventual first meeting, giving an inside look into how exactly their relationship started to form and what the initial feelings of Kathryn and Daniel were towards each other. The couple’s early years are explored in detail as we get to see who made the first move, what they liked about each other, and the like.


KathNiel has a solid chemistry that is evident both on and off-screen. But the power couple wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for the help from their fans. This is something KATHNIEL: ISANG DEKADA dedicates time to. The documentary takes a look at the awe-inspiring fan culture and following that KathNiel inspired and still has to this day.

What makes it better is that a few notable and diverse personalities from the KathNiel fandom are interviewed and featured in the documentary so that the fans themselves can speak about the love team. Even international fans are featured. It delves into topics like what they like about the pair and how Kathryn and Daniel affected their fans and vice versa. The documentary understands the influence and impacts the fans had on KathNiel.


With any long-lasting relationship comes growth and KATHNIEL: ISANG DEKADA delves into the growth of Kathryn and Daniel both as a love team and as individuals. It tells this through how the pair increasingly take on more mature roles from Princess and I, She’s Dating the Gangster ,and The Hows of Us. Viewers also get to see how Kath and DJ evolved as individuals. A notable moment from the documentary was when they talked about Kath filming Hello, Love, Goodbye without Daniel. They go into the emotional journey that it was for them but how they came out of it as stronger and better people.

Also, they talk about each other not just as co-workers, but as partners in a committed relationship. They open up about what it’s like being with each other and how they both have grown in maturity and honesty. They also aren’t afraid to admit that they have their struggles and fights. But what matters to KathNiel is that they come out of it as better people.


KathNiel is truly an iconic love team. When people talk about the most memorable love teams in the Philippine showbiz industry, KathNiel will be in that conversation. With KATHNIEL: ISANG DEKADA, it really puts the focus on the couple themselves, their beginnings, what makes them tick, and everything in between. With the help of their friends, fans, and family, Kathryn and Daniel are able to tell their story in a way that their love team deserved. KATHNIEL: ISANG DEKADA has been the best way their story has been told so far. And with KathNiel set to have their comeback teleserye soon, this story is still far from finished.

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