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5 Kaori Oinuma Beauty Looks You Can Easily Copy

Her Asian features like her monolids and high cheekbones are to die for!

How does Kaori Oinuma even nail the “no makeup” makeup look every single time?

If you’ve been watching one of the biggest coming of age local shows as of late, you’d immediately recognize Kaori Oinuma who plays Michiko Sil Tarranza in He’s Into Her. But aside from her sweet, bubbly character, it’s Kaori’s effortless glow that makes us want to go au naturel. Blessed with genes from both her Filipino and Japanese side, her Asian features like her monolids and high cheekbones are to die for. So, we really can’t blame her for going almost makeup free often times. Read on below for some of Kaori Oinuma’s beauty looks that you can easily recreate!

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You can’t even tell how much makeup Kaori’s wearing other than that dab of glow on her cheekbones. It’s the highlighter and sleek ponytail for us!


As you can see, even the choice of eyelashes were meant to mimic Kaori’s natural set. With her brows left untouched, take it from her to further emphasize the highlight on your cheekbones with starry stick-ons or full on glitter for that maximum shine.


Get you a girl who can do both! Kaori unleashes her edgy side this time with green eyeliner, strong brows, and braided tendrils in a recent dance cover video.


The easiest way to get started on the no-makeup makeup look is to opt for peachy tones on the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Time to embrace your monolids like Kaori!


If you’ve got a swan-like neck just like Kaori Oinuma, best thing you could do is emphasize the rest of your features through glass skin makeup.

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