KaoMiah Lives Out Their Romantic Destiny In Ace Banzuelo’s ‘Tadhana’ MV

A total, magical bop.

A new song that pulsates with dreamy, romantic energy and a music video that features KaoMiah’s electric chemistry, Ace Banzuelo’s Tadhana is replay button-worthy.

While the love month now reaches its last fluttering note, we still have many reasons to get romantic as we welcome the dry season. One of them is the music of the talented pop soloist Ace Banzuelo, who just released a new offering that will not just bring us romance but also get us grooving this summer. With energetic and vibrant beats, endearing lyrics, and a music video that stars one of the most exciting love pairs, Jeremiah Lisbo and Kaori Oinuma’s KaoMiah, you should be playing (and watching) Tadhana on repeat already.

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Written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Ace Banzuelo, Tadhana is another catchy and upbeat track from the musical wunderkind that’s just waiting to be another viral hit. Released by Sony Music Entertainment, Ace’s latest dreamy and groovy single explores the themes of romantic connection and destiny and packs just the right energy and feels to bask in with the summer’s glow.

Tadhana is about this magical encounter you have with someone and how you’re instantly drawn to that person,” the Muli hitmaker shares in a press release. “The connection is so intense it kind of scares one of you but you’re here telling that person that hey, it’s okay maybe what’s on your mind is also what’s on mine.”

“Bakit ngayon ka lang nakita / Kung kailan pa ako mawawala / Talagang mapaglaro lang sa salita / Pero pag gusto ko / Gusto talaga.” The magical feeling is summoned in every word Ace Banzuelo has carefully crafted in Tadhana, which he considers as a “happy accident” of a song that solidifies his vision and mission of “making music that makes people move.” And yes, you’ll be emotionally and physically moved by this sunny bop with its crunchy guitar melodies, soothing synthesizers, and Ace’s signature vocal style.


on the set of Tadhana MV shoot 🖤❤️

♬ Tadhana – Ace Banzuelo

And speaking of magic, Tadhana’s music video, released last February 25, 2023, adds another captivating layer to the disco-inspired pop track. It’s the enchanting chemistry between the MV’s lead stars, Kaori Oinuma and Jeremiah Lisbo. Popularly known as KaoMiah among their supporters, the Love at First Stream and He’s Into Her stars play strangers-turned-lovers, rapt in the magic of romantic connection that they just can’t resist. 

Just like in Tadhana’s lyrics, Kaori and Jeremiah give all of us something “mahiwaga” in the way they dance and sing to each other, hold hands, even in the deceptive simplicity of their stares. Their behind-the-scenes clips even hit much harder, exuding a palpable connection that’s just a delightful treat to watch. While Ace Banzuelo did bring us this similar effect with Muli, Tadhana’s MV is extra special for the KaoMiah fans as they see their mains reunited after pursuing separate projects for quite some time. 

If you’re looking for a new bop to add to your summer playlist, then Tadhana should definitely take a spot in it. Ace Banzuelo has made us feel the magic of his music before, and you won’t be disappointed with his latest pulsating track. “Tadhana” is out now on all digital music platforms.

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