KAIA’s Sophia Is Letting Her Voice Be Heard Through A Solo Live Performance of Best Thing I Never Had

Best Thing She’s Ever Had: KAIA’s Sophia Is Letting Her Voice Be Heard

Singer Sophia is ready for more.

Sophia Mercado of P-pop group KAIA is stepping out of her comfort zone with a live cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Best Thing I Never Had’!

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“I think…no, I know, Sophia Mercado is an ace.” Over two years into her career as an idol, Sophia Mercado is officially dropping a special live performance that’ll showcase her talent and growth. The 22-year-old, in partnership with PROD AXIA PRESENTS, a special live show featuring performances from different local artists, released a cover performing Beyoncé’s Best Thing I Never Had live—the first time she’s done something of the sort.

“I’m used to releasing dance videos,” she admitted. “But this is officially my first singing one. I think it was about time to show something people rarely see me do. I am a member of a girl group called KAIA, and I am labeled as the ‘ace,’ and I want to live up to that—that I can do anything.”

Sophia is a member of P-pop girl group KAIA, and she admits that her forte lies in dancing. She started singing when she started training to be an idol, and she knows she still has a lot to learn. But there’s no better teacher than experience, and the young artist is totally ready to show just how much she’s growing.


sophia kaia solo

Plenty of idols have embarked on solo projects while they’re also an active member of their group. Sophia herself has performed solo during KAIA’s first solo concert last December. But it’s a whole different experience for an idol when they have to rely on just themselves on stage or in front of a screen, and it definitely takes a lot of courage. Sophia said, “It even felt uncomfortable at first to do this without [my members], but despite the risk, I felt ready to take the opportunity.”

Covering a Beyoncé song, Best Thing I Never Had at that, is a formidable challenge for any singer. Sophia wanted a song that would really show off her vocal talent, but was understandably intimidated by the song.

“I had to constantly cheer myself on and give myself pep talks to push through with it,” she revealed. “I also didn’t have anyone to guide me, so after rehearsals with KAIA, I would stay behind to work on this song. I was only self-taught for the performance, but I think it turned out really well.”

Best Thing I Never Had also took on a new meaning for the singer, as it allowed her to reflect on her own life and experiences. Showing vulnerability was not something Sophia was fond of, but she chose the song because it provided her a bit of healing. “Through this, I was able to turn my pain into something beautiful, and I am proud of myself for that.”


sophia kaia solo best thing i never had

For an artist, the line between the personal and the professional is often blurred, in which the personal bleeds into the work that they do. Sophia was going through a tough time losing someone she loved around the time she was working on the shoot for the cover, but gained enough confidence to do her best.

Her cover performance on PROD AXIA PRESENTS is a testament to her growth as an artist and as a driven young individual going through the trials and tribulations of life. Her fans are a huge part of what keeps her going, and she promises to always strive to do her best for them as she shares her love and passion for music.

“To the fans, I simply want you to feel empowered the way I felt,” Sophia said. “I hope this brings the self-worth you are trying to find. Always remember that you’re doing the best, and you don’t have to chase anything or anyone that makes you feel less of what you are.”

Images courtesy of PROD AXIA PRESENTS.

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