8 K-pop Comfort Songs For Days When You Just Need A Hug

Just what the doctor ordered.

We love our 3-minute worth of warmth and love from our parasocial besties. BRB, just gonna put all these songs in one playlist.

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Science has repeatedly proven the amount of beautiful benefits one can attain from receiving a hug. And while a song does not guarantee the same health benefits as two lingering arms, we’re sure that the love and comfort it encapsulates warms your heart after a long, tiring day. That’s something K-pop has in spades. So, turn the lights down and get comfortable as we list down a few of the many K-pop comfort songs that sound like an affectionate embrace 2,462 kilometers from home. 


If a song is entitled “Hug,” best believe we’ll be bawling our eyes out. Seventeen (Woozi, specifically) has repeatedly proven their talent for writing the most gut wrenching lyrics. Hug is a song that assures the listeners that they always have someone, in this case it’s Seventeen, with whom they can talk about how tough their day was.

Seventeen’s 6th mini album You Made My Dawn is a fascinating mosaic of music from all genres. This golden B-side track by the vocal team has become a comforting company for the title track Home, which is also a comfort song dedicated to their beloved Carats.


Originally written for member Mark Lee’s supposed “graduation” from NCT Dream (which thankfully did not happen), NCTzens and Dreamzens have found immense comfort within this song. Though it carries bittersweet memories for both the group and the fans, this beautifully written track has become a reminder that they were able to pull through and survive what could be one of the toughest phases in stanning NCT Dream. Dear Dream has become an anthem of permanence and loyalty to the group, even in times of hardship.


NCT’s Jaehyun pursuing a solo project was such a power move as we got to be blessed with this beautiful song in collaboration with Korean singer-songwriter d.ear. The fusion of these two heavenly vocalists is sure to put our bones to rest as we dive into the poetics of Try Again.


Red Velvet’s Wendy has also come out with one of the most hauntingly beautiful comfort songs we have ever heard. Wendy’s solo album debut, Like Water, is like a gift to fans who have stood by her side despite the many challenges from the industry. Of course, the lyrics would be a cryfest as we get to hear Wendy tell us that everything will be okay when this rain stops.


IU has become a prominent figure when it comes to coming out with the most comforting songs ever. Even her whole existence feels like a warm embrace with her soft voice and encouraging words. Wishing someone to sleep well has got to be one of the most pure and genuine forms of loving someone, and IU’s Through The Night is a 4-minute lullaby wishing you to have the softest and sweetest dreams. 


EXO’s D.O. gave his Exo-Ls and Dandanies a little gift before he entered the military, which got us extra emotional with his two-year departure. D.O. left us with a song that takes you on a voyage filled with warm hugs and reassurance that all sadness and loneliness shall pass. 


The title “Just For You” already puts your heavy heart to rest with soft tunes and lyrics written and made by iKON with their beloved iKONICS in mind. This fan song is iKON’s gift to their fans who believed in them, celebrated their wins and highs, and cried with them during losses and lows. An unbreakable bond even in instances of pursuing separate paths in the future.


Though Red Velvet is known for their fascinating concepts and upbeat energy in music, they are not lagging behind in coming out with warm ballads written for their ReVeluvs. Hello, Sunset is a beautifully written ballad filled with the girls’ ethereal vocals. An absolute feast of warm embrace.

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