Josh Cullen Gets Slow and Soulful in His Rap Ballad, “Pakiusap Lang”

"Kaya mo pa ba?"

Get ready for an overwhelming rush of feels from Josh Cullen in his latest emotive track about relationship struggles.

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After channeling his pop star energy in his debut disco-pop track Wild Tonight, Josh Cullen continues to prove his versatility in his solo career with his latest track, Pakiusap Lang. A love song that melds hip-hop with mellow tunes, the rap ballad finds the SB19 member and all-around performer going straight for the feels.


Two months after his edgy banger of a first single, Josh Cullen returns to the scene with a much understated yet satisfying romantic offering. Titled Pakiusap Lang, the SB19 lead rapper and sub-vocalist showcases his boundless creativity as he blends trap-laden beats and hip-hop verses seamlessly into a heartfelt love song, proving that there are no limits to his songwriting and production skills.

Pakiusap Lang poster

Written by Josh and produced by his cousin Ocho the Bullet, Pakiusap Lang takes on a much slower pace and emotive tone that is sure to resonate with those who are facing challenges while in love. “The lyrics came from my heart, and I wanted to make sure the arrangement and sonic vibe reflected my Filipino hip-hop side,” Cullen shares. “My cousin and his friends helped out with the chorus, and we all had a good time putting it together.”

Josh Cullen Pakiusap Lang
Josh Cullen Pakiusap Lang

Libutin man buong mundo / ibang-iba’ng datingan mo / Walang makakatinag yo / lamang pagtingin sa’yo / Nag-aantay nang matagal kasi it’s worth it / Walang iba kung ‘di ikaw kasi you’re perfect.” Every line in Pakiusap Lang carries an emotional honesty that many would find easy to the ears and to relate to. Based on Josh Cullen’s personal experiences and reflections about relationships, the romantic rap ballad speaks about the challenges of keeping a relationship intact when you can’t always be physically present due to work or other difficulties in life. “The song encourages the listener to hold on and trust the process,” Cullen adds.


The music video is just as effective as the track itself. Helmed by his frequent collaborator Jonathan Tal Placido (a.k.a Toothless), who also directed SB19’s hit song Bazinga, the M/V delves deep into the theme of holding onto the memories of a lost love, even when it’s time to let go. The music video also doubles as a gripping and bittersweet romantic short film, leaving viewers with a poignant twist that will tug at their heartstrings. 

“When I was planning out the music video for Pakiusap Lang, I knew I wanted to create a story that was emotional and impactful,” Josh Cullen reveals. ”As I was brainstorming ideas, I thought about the possibility of incorporating plot twists into the video, to really capture the viewer’s attention.” And it sure is a magnetic piece whose mystery will get you staying until the end. The music video also stars KAIA members and twin sisters Angela and Charice as Cullen’s love interests.

Speaking of making impact, the Pakiusap Lang music video has now been viewed over a hundred thousand times days after its release and sits at the 24th spot of Youtube’s trending music topics as of this writing. The track has already garnered 100 thousand streams on Spotify as well. And last weekend, Josh Cullen also held a fan meet (dubbed as “Fangmeet”) to celebrate the release of his new music with his supporters. 

Josh Cullen fanmeet
Photo from Josh Cullen

Meanwhile, Pakiusap Lang will also be a part of Cullen’s upcoming debut EP to be released this year. What to expect? “You can expect a mix of different sounds and genre influences,” says the pop soloist. “But overall, it’s a reflection of my journey as an artist and a person.” More bangers and sentimental pieces from Josh Cullen? We’re here for it. 

Josh Cullen’s Pakiusap Lang is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

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