Here Are All The Reasons Why Joji’s Pandemonium Tour In Manila Was One Of The Most Memorable (and Hilarious) Concerts I’ve Been To

Filthy Frank is back!

With a concert and comedy rolled into one, we were far from slow dancing in the dark during Joji’s Pandemonium Tour in Manila.

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Concerts have always been synonymous with an atmosphere teeming with performances, the best crowds, and shaking stages. But what if I told you it’s more than that? Last November 28, Joji just completely flipped the whole concert script on its head, bringing forth one of the most memorable experiences you could ever catch—an unforgettable fusion of music and unparalleled moments. When the audience arrived with expectations of sad songs, ready to dive deep in a sea of emotions, little did they know that Joji had a surprise in store.

For those who missed out on this eclectic experience, FOMO might indeed be an understatement. From the onset, Pink Guy and Filthy Frank—the singer’s comedic alter egos—commandeered the stage, serving memes, comedic sketches, and a concert show that left the Araneta Coliseum in stitches. Here are all the moments you might’ve missed at Joji’s Pandemonium Tour in Manila.

A Pink Guy Multiverse

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While it’s customary for fans to wear costumes at events, the sight of a dozen Pink Guys took everyone by surprise. It was like stepping into a real-life rendition of the Spider-Man multiverse meme. The replication of this iconic character injected a sense of playful camaraderie and creativity into the event, leaving attendees amused by this unexpected turn of fan representation.

Barry O is Calling…

Within concert etiquette, the common consensus was to silence phones to prevent unwelcome interruptions. However, what if the unexpected caller on the other end turned out to be former US President Barack Obama? Suddenly, the rulebook seemed to have an exception.

Picture this: amidst the pulsating beats of the concert, a comedic sketch unfolded, featuring Barry O. expressing disdain for the same music filling the scene. Now, here’s where personal preferences diverged; while it might have been amusing, disagreeing with a president’s taste seemed like uncharted territory. After all, who would dare argue with the playlist of a former commander-in-chief?

BRB, Joji just told me I’m pretty

It’s not new for Filipinos to receive compliments and love from artists worldwide. While we’ve always been dubbed as the craziest crowds, Joji expresses enthusiasm over our food and our faces. BRB, I think Joji just called me pretty—a pretty boy. LOL.

‘Do you want to see a meme?’

Filipino fans never would have imagined seeing memes in the middle of a concert, but there we were. Personally speaking, the best one has to be Big Bird giving birth to a full-grown man. This comical twist injected a burst of laughter and incredulity into the evening, marking it as a standout and unforgettable moment for the concert crowd.

Poblacion Party Realness

We were at Araneta, but Joji’s performance had transformed the stage into a bustling glimpse of Poblacion’s energy. The ambiance shifted as the artist took center stage, infusing the space with beach balls, pool noodles, and a DJ-fied version of his saddest songs. If we were talking vibes, the aura seemed to transcend the confines of the venue, transporting the audience to the eclectic streets and pulsating nightlife of Makati.

What Sad Songs?

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Again, Joji’s Filipino fans were primed for an emotional rollercoaster, fully prepared to immerse themselves in their saddest playlist IRL. To say the least, Joji literally called out the mood by saying, ‘what sad songs?’ The show swiftly transformed into an electrifying experience, Joji steering the wheel toward a lively atmosphere. It was Joji in his element, connecting effortlessly with the electric energy of the concert crowd. The event didn’t just meet expectations; it exceeded them, leaving attendees with an incredibly memorable and exhilarating night to remember.

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