Jennie Kim’s Perfume Ad Was Low-Key Her Audition For John Wick 5

No one messes with Jennie Kim.

Singer, rapper, dancer, actress, and now thanks to her perfume ad, action star. BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim can really do it all.

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As the biggest K-pop girl group in the world today, the girls of BLACKPINK are no strangers to being tapped for brand deals, commercials, and ads. Each member has their own brands they endorse, such as Jennie and her partnerships with Chanel and Gentle Monster to name a few. So, when we first got word that Jennie was tapped by Korean perfume company TAMBURINS to star in their commercial, we thought that it was just going to be another graceful ad featuring the K-pop idol. But TAMBURINS really caught us off guard that could pass off as a screen test for an action movie starring Jennie.


When you think of perfume commercials, you usually think of either beautiful, classy, or expensive. But TAMBURINS’ mood board for their commercial said weapons, martial arts, and flying across rooftops. Entitled SOLACE, the nearly six-minute ad and short film begins with Jennie, dressed in a blue dress and brown boots, wandering an empty house. It seems as if she’s trying to find something and when she does, she walks away with a trash bag and a small statue. But before she can head to the gates, the owner of the house arrives and asks her what she is doing there. Jennie though is more of a shoot first, ask questions later kind of girl, so she gets her pistols ready and starts shooting. It should be noted that the commercial features zero guns. Instead, it’s Jennie using her finger guns as if she’s the Korean John Wick.

The two then get into a well-choreographed fight soundtracked to some pretty stylish beats. Jennie even starts flying across the rooftops ala Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. And while it may seem as if Jennie has been bested by the guy, an M. Night Shyamalan-level twist arrives when the actual owner of the house, which so happens to be Jennie in a white dress, shows up in a sports car and proceeds to take him out. Only Jennie Kim can unleash gun-fu and kung-fu while looking good doing so.


By far, this commercial is the most unique and one of the coolest things Jennie has ever done in her career. It was definitely an ad to remember. Without any context, you wouldn’t even know that it was all to promote perfume. TAMBURINS describes itself as a brand that “explores anomalous beauty.” They created the scent that was “inspired by irregular stories in the world,” so their stylish commercial for the perfume isn’t that much outside of their creative wheelhouse.

And speaking of the perfume, that is set to launch this September 30, which according to the brand, is part of a collection. “This perfume collection, which expresses various emotions from comfort, is a perfume that you can fully feel the changes in the colorful scent that occur over time. Sensuous scents inspired by all the stories scattered around the world give a free and new rhythm to monotonous daily life,” reads the brand’s description. They definitely got our attention.

As for Jennie, she’s set to be the face of the entire campaign so expect to see more of her. And while she isn’t acting in any action movies (yet), you can catch her Hollywood actress debut when HBO’s The Idol premieres later this year.

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