We’re Here For This Laufey-Approved Tagalog Cover Of ‘From The Start’

Laufey ft. Filipino? Yes, please.

Let this be a sign that we’re getting a collab between Janine Tenoso and Laufey.

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Among the many beautiful facets of Tagalog is how it changes the way certain things are said, and often for the better. There’s just something so beautiful about a piece that already moved us in its original language to be said or sung in Tagalog. It just hits different. Such was the case when Janine Tenoso decided to bless us with a Tagalog version of Gen Z jazz superstar Laufey’s hit song From The Start

If you’ve heard any of Laufey’s tracks, then you know how flawless her discography is with the way the music and lyrics come together to make the perfect OST for the hopeless romantic or freshly broken heart. Janine decided to show us what a Tagalog-ized version of Laufey sounds like, and we want more. Even Laufey herself had to stan.


@_janinemusic bored nanaman ako today i love u @laufey i did my best im from manila #fyp #tiktokmusikat #laufey #fromthestart ♬ original sound – Janine

Recently, Janine took to TikTok to share a snippet of her translated version of From The Start. While strumming on the guitar, she proceeds to body the cover with her striking vocals capturing the love story at the heart of the song. TBH, we see the vision as a heartfelt harana to that special someone. Laufey in Tagalog was something we never thought we’d see or hear, but here we are, and we high-key want more of it. We need the full cover Janine, ASAP. 

The Tagalog lyrics add that extra spice to an already great song, something many netizens agreed with given how the video has over 170,000 likes on TikTok as of this writing. It even caught the attention of Laufey herself who not only reposted the video on TikTok but also commented on it as well. “Your voice is so crystal clear and this is so amazing,” she gushed as Janine replied and expressed her excitement to see her in Manila. 

Speaking of Laufey, the Icelandic-Chinese musician is set to return to the Philippines this year for a sold-out two-night concert at the PICC Plenary Hall with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. Does this mean we might see Janine Tenoso do a special collab with Laufey at her concert? We hope so. A full Tagalog version of From The Start or just even Laufey covering any OPM song with a full orchestra behind them would eat at unparalleled levels. Regardless, we’re happy we live in a timeline where Laufey in Tagalog exists, and our fingers are crossed that we get to see more of it. 

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