laufey back in manila may 2024

Mark Your Calendars: Laufey is Coming Back to Manila on May 28

Live. Laugh. Laufey.

In what feels like a full circle moment, Laufey comes back to Manila for a night of orchestra and symphony music.

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‘There’s no single country I’ve ever felt this strong support from,’ echoed the sentiment in a sold-out room during Laufey’s first stop in Manila last May 30, 2023. And in a captivating turn of events, she returns for what seems like a serendipitous moment, exactly one year later, this time accompanied by a full orchestra.

KARPOS, which handled Laufey’s first concert in the country, recently revealed that the Icelandic jazz star is coming back to the PH, this time to perform with none other than the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra. Titled Laufey: A Night At The Symphony with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, the concert is scheduled for May 28 at the PICC Plenary Hall. As anticipation mounts for Laufey’s return to Manila, the stage is set for an extraordinary performance—a testament to her journey from a young musical virtuoso to an internationally acclaimed artist. Here’s what to expect for this exceptional rendezvous.

Another Sold-Out Spectacle

Laufey’s debut in Manila was an explosion of excitement that went viral faster than a TikTok dance challenge. The sold-out show left fans thirsting for an encore, scrambling to nab extra tickets through every social media platform and group chat available. In the whirlwind of demand, Laufey, true to her authentic self, poured out gratitude to her Filipino fans for the unwavering love and vowed to drop the ultimate comeback.

But this isn’t your average encore; this is a redefined experience, blending symphony vibes with soulful beats. It’s a night that’s about to break the internet—Laufey: A Night At The Symphony with the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra is the hottest ticket in town. The hype train is pulling in, and you better believe people are securing their spots for a night that’s about to be the talk of every trending playlist.

A Full Orchestra on Tour

The release of her debut single, Street by Street, in 2020 signaled the start of a new force for the industry and an artist who was bringing a heart-tingling form of jazz to the ears of a fresh generation. Now, it’s not every day that the singer-songwriter shares the stage with a full orchestra during her tours. Her music, steeped in soulful sounds, is about to fuse seamlessly with the symphony promised by the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra at her upcoming show.

Fueled by top-notch talents, this collective nails the idea that music isn’t a VIP club—it’s a gift open to everyone. Their track record? Packed with hit concerts, boasting competitive stars who shine both on home turf and on international stages. Adding to the excitement, think of the MPO as a bridge between the orchestra and the audience, making the enchantment of music reachable for all.

A Night of Orchestra and Symphony

I think we can all agree that Laufey has this insane charisma that pulls in crowds from all over. Her stage finesse, that emotive voice, and her absolute mastery of musical artistry—it’s like a universal language that speaks to everyone.

What’s wild is how her fusion of sounds isn’t simply hitting with the younger bunch; even the folks steeped in classics can’t get enough. It’s like a time-traveling concert, seeing such a mix of ages grooving together. Don’t miss out on catching the Grammy-nominated Gen Z jazz star in action—book yourself a seat for a symphony night that will blow your mind!

Here’s How to Book Tickets

SVIP – Php 5,990.00
VIP – Php 5,450.00
LOGE – Php 4,370.00
BALCONY – Php 2,750.00

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