Yes, Even James Reid Can’t Live Without This Daily Essential

Like everyone else hooked on their phones throughout the lockdown, the Cool Down singer dishes about how this tech essential helped him get his creative juices flowing.

Find out how this Careless creative makes use of his smartphone

We are the generation built by the booming era of technology—no cap. From gaming consoles to mobile phones, these gadgets keep us company most of the day. Apart from keeping us entertained and connected, they also make a lot of things so much easier for us, which is why OPPO smart devices are part of our everyday must-haves. Even James Reid can’t get through a day without what he considers as his true essential.

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Staying afloat

When the pandemic hit, it was as if everything took a screeching halt. As someone who usually just rode the waves throughout his busy schedule, James was suddenly given more time on his hands. He decided to use it to his advantage by focusing on work and catching up with friends. He explicitly mentioned how crucial it was to have easy access to fast internet to be able to keep in touch with colleagues and loved ones because without it, they wouldn’t have been able to build what they have throughout the pandemic.

We all had to adapt to the limitations by the lockdown, which includes going on multiple online meetings a day, and for James, his smartphone definitely became one of his holy grails. “It’s become part of my daily life,” shared James as he talked about what it’s been after shifting to his now staple android phone, OPPO Reno6 Z 5G. “It’s been really fun exploring its multiple features. I use it for entertainment, streaming, gaming, social media, writing lyrics, Zoom meetings, recording voice notes—it definitely has taken a bigger role in my day to day.”

Keeping the creative juices flowing

As an all-around creative, James also makes use of his OPPO Reno6 Z 5G’s camera features, which includes the Bokeh Flare Portrait, Portrait Beautification Video, and Ultra-Wide Angle to create his own visual diary throughout the past two years. When asked what he looks for when capturing special moments and portraits, he said, “What matters to me really is the quality of the photo. Since I carry around my phone with me, I use it to take photos or record videos. I think it’s amazing how such a small device can really deliver so much. With my phone, I love its Main Camera, Ultra-Wide Angle Camera, and Macro Camera as they capture everything in raw.” This is why his social media pages consist of fun and exciting photos and videos of him, his friends and family, and his creative passion.

Apart from taking photos and videos of memories he wants to treasure forever, James has also been keeping himself busy with work. From overseeing his record label to shooting music video after music video, this multi-hyphenate has definitely been putting his skill and talent to good use. Not only that, but he also shared that his interest in gaming rose throughout the lockdown period, especially during his downtime. James specifically mentioned League of Legends: Wild Rift as the game he plays on his phone the most.

With the responsibilities he has as a singer-songwriter, actor, and producer, it’s pretty much a given that he needs a smartphone that caters to everything he has to do. He added, “My work requires a lot of creativity and this phone has really helped a lot in capturing inspirations, moments, and just challenging my creativity.”

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