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James Reid Slayed His Way Through Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Do we have another Fashion Week favorite in our midst?

The fashion game has always been strong with James Reid, as seen with how he took over Fashion Week with his killer ‘fits.

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Given how style and fashion have played a part in the overall persona and artistic identity of James Reid, it’s low-key shocking that the multi-hyphenate has never gone overseas for Fashion Week. That is, until now, with James recently flying to Europe for appearances and attending shows at the Milan and Paris Men’s F/W 2024 Fashion Week. 

With looks styled by John Lozano at the ready, James came through and did not disappoint. Not only was James invited to attend some of the biggest shows of the season, but he did so with the distinction of a VIP, a humble brag if we do say so ourselves. As James sees it, being invited by the most notable designers for Fashion Week is an undeniable bucket list moment he can cross off. Scroll down below for the deets on James’ trip from the man himself as well as some of his style moments that had the paparazzi racing for pictures.



James Reid has many goals and dreams, and getting to attend Fashion Week is one of them. But after just seeing it on social media, 2024 was the year his manifestations came through after he received invites to attend multiple shows at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week. “Just immediately I was excited,” says James. “I was excited to go around Europe and attend all the shows. I was really grateful that so many brands invited me to come out and watch the shows as a guest, so it was incredible.”

James is no stranger to a fashion trip abroad. Last year, he was invited to see the H&M Rabanne collection in Paris. But attending Fashion Week as a first-timer was a whole other ballgame. From Louis Vuitton to Fendi, Tod’s, and more, James made the rounds and did so in an eclectic mix of pieces from local and international designers.  


So, what is it like to attend an actual show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week? As James shares, it starts by getting dropped off at the entrance where you are in the middle of a sea of photographers and fans, some of whom were Filipino. “It was nice to see there were a lot of Filipinos there,” the musician says on the unexpected moment. “That was very comforting, seeing some Filipinos out there.” 


In particular, feeling the Pinoy love was a needed boost when he attended the Fendi show to shake those first-time jitters. And once the show actually starts? “It’s very exciting and electric when you enter, and everyone’s dressed up, and there’s a lot of cameras flashing. Then you walk in and you find your seat. You can see the quality of everything, how close and personal. And they really create an experience for you with the music, the layout of the runway, and it’s very exciting.”


Getting to see all those designer pieces up close was a dream for James. But a couple of shows stood out for all the right reasons. First was his Louis Vuitton experience. “It was a star-studded event, afterwards it turned into a club, it was a live performance. Being able to see Pharrell, I can take it off the bucket list.” And second, he recalls his time at the SYSTEM show. 


“It was a little more underground. Even the whole experience was going through this old building, and it was very industrial. And then the show itself was what I imagined a Fashion Week show to be like. The music was very experimental. It was very kind of… it made you feel weird and awkward in a good way, and it was very provoking. I’d like to attend more shows like that,” he gushes. 


While James was one of the handful of local stars to rep Pinoy energy at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, he was joined by a star-studded collection of famous faces from Asia and beyond. But while getting to meet and rub shoulders with BamBam and Phraell is one thing, getting to say hello to Giorgio Armani himself is a different kind of cool. “ I was very surprised,” remembers James. 


“I met Roberta Armani (Giorgio Armani’s niece) backstage, and she wanted to introduce me to Mr. Armani. So after the show, of course, everyone’s crowding around him, but then she pulled me through just so I could meet him, take a photo, and actually congratulate him.” Oh, and he also got to meet and hang out with his idol James Franco, no big deal. “It really kind of felt like a dream.”  


Needless to say, his first full Fashion Week experience is one he won’t forget anytime soon. “[Milan Fashion Week] exceeded my expectations of how Fashion Week was. It was more grand. It was larger than life. It was bigger than I thought it was.” With that in the bag, James is ready for more, and even now, being in the middle of this fashion celebration gave James new insights. 


“I guess it’s really broadened my horizons when it comes to fashion, not just with brands, but also my personal style and what’s possible. It’s made me more open-minded when it comes to fashion.” New fashion era for James Reid? Yes, please. Here’s to the next season. 

Photographer – Dave Graciadas

Stylist – John Lozano

Creative Director – Issa Pressman

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