IV Of Spades’ ‘Come Inside Of My Heart’ Is Having A Much-Deserved Revival On TikTok

A deserved boost.

What do speed up edits, THE SHADE by Rex Orange County and TikTok all have in common? They helped turn IV of Spades’ Come Inside of My Heart into a renewed bop.

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If you followed OPM in the mid to late 2010s, then you would know that IV of Spades was truly that group. They were one of the hottest bands and dominating charts with hit after hit. Composed of members Zild Benitez, Blaster Silonga, and Badjao de Castro (Unique left the band in 2018), IV of Spades was fast becoming one of the top OPM acts in the country. Their retro, 70s, and vintage-inspired take on OPM let them easily stand out from the crowd.

While they did take an indefinite hiatus in 2020 as the members pursued solo careers, their legacy is still intact. And as the years have gone, more new fans are discovering the group’s work. And the latest IV of Spades track to resurge in popularity is the arguably underrated Come Inside of My Heart thanks once again to the power of TikTok and a few user edits.


Come Inside of My Heart was featured in the band’s CLAPCALPCLAP! debut album which dropped in 2019. The track also served as the band’s fifth and final single from the LP in October 2019. Even during its initial release, the bop was a fan favorite thanks to its catchy sound and wholesome message. But 2022 saw the song re-enter the mainstream consciousness once more, at least on TikTok, as the song started to make the rounds on the video sharing platform. In particular, a speed up edit of the song made back in June has been going viral. To date, the speed up audio has been used over 137,000 times with most videos using it to soundtrack wholesome moments.  

@packayeji hoon got his revenge after that eunbi and wonyo duo #jangkku #wonyoung #sunghoon #enhypen ♬ Come insider of my heart – Speed up audios ᥫ᭡
@_anqlvrs my favorite ship &lt3 #lumax #strangerthings4 #strangerthings #st #edit #lucassinclair #maxmayfield #lucas #max #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Come insider of my heart – Speed up audios ᥫ᭡

hindi pikon>>

♬ Come insider of my heart – Speed up audios ᥫ᭡
@…rs05 #fypシ #trending #minions ♬ Come insider of my heart – Speed up audios ᥫ᭡


Come Inside of My Heart also got another boost when a fan mash-up of the song and THE SHADE by Rex Orange County started to take off in July. When you combine two bangers together though it’s no surprise that it would do so well. And the edit is just too good as it sounds like it’s just one song with the transition being as smooth as silk. As of this writing, that edit has been used in 17,000 videos.

@packayeji i love how this part of the culture is finally coming back #enhypen #le_sserafim ♬ original sound – pengebatolpas:(
@danelliepastor_ @dy5jie2b2og0 ♬ original sound – pengebatolpas:(


♬ original sound – pengebatolpas:(
@seunghe_e ang cute cute mooo #sunoo ♬ original sound – pengebatolpas:(

The popularity of Come Inside of My Heart on TikTok even extends into other platforms. On Spotify, the track surpassed Mundo as currently the group’s top song with over 49 million streams and counting. It has even reached the ears of K-pop idols with one of our fave ARMY turned K-pop idols Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM tweeting about the track. And of course, you know a song is popular when it gets a cupcakKe remix. Even after all these years, a bop is still a bop. It feels right knowing that more people are discovering this masterpiece. Now, when are we getting that IV of Spades comeback?  

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