8 Reasons Why You Should Enroll At The International State College Of The Philippines

The college you never knew you needed.

International State College Of The Philippines here we come.

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The thing about memes is that you never know when it’s going to strike. Out of the blue, seemingly the most random of topics is going to become the next joke to sweep the internet. And that exactly what happened with the rise of ISCP, or the International State College of the Philippines.

In case you aren’t familiar with ISCP, it’s a satire campus that pokes fun at school culture and modern Philippine society. It began at the end of July before it eventually blew up outside the confines of its Discord server, scoring viral posts across social media and stacking up to its viral status now. The man behind it all is Nino Ged, who is actually a senior high school student planning to take up Aeronautics in college.

Regardless of how you may feel about the meme, you have to admit that the effort that went into making all of this was something else. Of course, if the page is being used for more nefarious means, then that changes the conversation. But the college’s website is better than most university portals, with the edits were so good it convinced many that it was a real school. But honestly, we wish it were. Even though it’s just a joke, we low-key wouldn’t mind becoming an Aspin and taking one of ISCP’s many, many courses. It’s like the school of our dreams. UP Diliman? Ateneo de Manila University? De La Salle University? UST? We only know ISCP. With that being said, here are some of the reasons why we’ll be waiting for our ISCP acceptance letter in the mail.  


In order to be the best college in the universe, you also need a top-tier staff and ISCP has that in abundance. Every class and course taught in ISCP is helmed by world class experts who know exactly what they are talking about. Imagine getting taught clout attraction by Ayn Bernos or hair rebonding by Mis Hart. Best classes ever. Who knows, you might love learning at ISCP, so much you’ll even take your masters there.


Sun and Moon Campus — BS IN HAIR DRESSING

♬ original sound – ISCP – Sun & Moon Campus

There are so many things you can do in your life and ISCP realizes that today’s youth are looking for more than just the same old courses. This is why ISCP has a selection of disciplines so diverse and longer than the grocery list of a buffet. If you can think of it, ISCP has it. Our personal favorite though is the Bachelor of Physical Education – Major in Mental Gymnastics with the BA in Communication – Major in Chismis a close second.


Enroll now on Sun & Moon Campus!!!

♬ original sound – ISCP – Sun & Moon Campus

The International State College of the Philippines’ suniverse-wide reputation isn’t for nothing. Their multiple campuses feature state-of-the-art facilities to make sure you’re getting the most out of your education. The fact that they have a campuses on the moon and in Atlantis that were built hundreds of years ago shows how far advanced they are. While everyone else is in 2022, you’ll be learning like it’s 3022.


ISCP is always one step ahead of the competition. This is why it’s school anthem isn’t just some track made decades ago, but an epic orchestral version of sun and moon by anees. It’s a soul stirring anthem that will fill your heart with school pride of being an Aspin.


Anyone who has taken public transportation in the past couple of months knows that commuting is hard, a hassle, wastes time, and expensive. But ISCP always has their students in mind which is why they provide free transportation for students to their designated campus.


ISCP understands that students shouldn’t just be limited to doing their homework and focusing on their studies. They should also have time to do things that they enjoy outside of school life. Just look at the activities they have lined up for Buwan ng Wika. We love a school that lets students express their passions.


School should serve as a place where students are allowed to think for themselves as they continue to discover and explore themselves. Sadly, we live in a day and age when people, especially students, express dissent, they just get red-tagged instead of being heard out. But ISCP and the E-Youth Council stands with its students for the right to express what they want to say in a democratic society. As noted former ISCP alumni Nicki Marie S. Dela Cruz said, “We do not tolerate any form of red tagging!”


@luntianofficialph THANK YOU ISCP! ? #iscp #proudiscpanian #iscpwelcomingkit #compostablebubblemailer ♬ original sound – Log 12

While ISCP may seem intimidating to some, the school makes sure that you feel welcomed the moment you included in their 99% acceptance rate. To that end, they send every student a handy freshman kit that even includes photocards of one of their classmates so that you can get to know them better. The school ID, meanwhile, is pure *aesthetics*. This, a 100% scholarship, and more really make you like you’re ready to take on ISCP and confidently say, “Baby, baby, you’re my sun and moon” to the world.  

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