In A World Of Possibilities, Belle Mariano Wants You To Ditch Fear And Take A Leap

We're so into her.

Equal parts graceful and gritty, young actress, singer, and definitive star of her generation, Belle Mariano opens up about fame, faith, and finding herself. 

“It was something on my bucket list that I really wanted to do ever since I was nine,” says Belle Mariano the moment her daredevil-making turn as a skydiver quickly came into conversation. With only 24 more jumps needed to be certified skydiver, the young actress and singer’s face lights up as she recalls the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that she just couldn’t pass up. “That time, of course, there was fear. Natakot ako, siyempre ang taas-taas nung tatalunin ko,” she reveals. “But then I thought, when can I do this again? When will I be back in Dubai? When can I skydive again? It’s here in front of me, I can do it.”

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Where she can take life with a little more liberty given her age, Belle Mariano weighs in both the certain and otherwise. “There are pros and cons if you want to be in control of life, in the same way there are pros and cons if you just it let lead you. Either way, it depends with what you’re being faced with,” she muses. “Everything that has happened to me and are still happening to me is so unexpected. I’m very surprised and honestly, very excited with what’s ahead of me. I’m still excited to learn and to know more with what life is going to teach me.“

Embroidered halter top by SYNOPSIIIS Midi skirt with fringes by VIÑA ROMERO

And with a world’s worth of opportunities draped over the horizon for her, Belle Mariano is only willing to take chances and just as she did from a presumably frightening distance from the ground, she is ready to jump.

According To Belle Mariano

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While Belle Mariano is at the cusp of what life has to offer, she has gone through her fair share of struggles. Just like any young hopeful who understands having to put in the work, it was a harrowing tale of having to go through hoops and the proverbial eye of the needle to score that big break. In fact, it took over 100 auditions just for her to land her first acting role, and at that point, despite her brimming sense of wonder and hope, doubt began to dig its nail into her thoughts. “I never imagined I’d be here where I am today, honestly. Only time will tell, really. There was one time when I was doing several auditions, I asked myself: Is this really for me? Am I just waiting my time? Pero wala eh, it comes with what you love doing. I love what I’m doing,” she shares. “Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m working. I’m just enjoying…I love entertaining people. I love making other people smile. And I will forever continue to do that purpose given to me.”

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Despite the early victories, it wasn’t a well-paved path for our heroine, because it took years of chipping away at potentials and hard hustles to finally begin her ascent as the next big thing in her generation. Even with milestones tucked under belt, such as roles in Four Sisters Before The Wedding, Love Is Color Blind, An Inconvenient Love, and of course, it goes without saying, the paradigm shift that is He’s Into Her, Belle Mariano is well aware of what it takes to turn dreams into reality. As ideal as her life now seems, we very well know it isn’t the perfect picture we see from our distance. “Well, of course, you cannot avoid being bashed or hated. But at the end of the day, you realize that your life isn’t dependent on them. I mean, they don’t make decisions for you. They don’t dictate what you’re going to do. At the end of the day, You can’t please everyone. You seek your identity within yourself and with God. That’s what I tell myself no matter how hated I get. That’s life,” she says matter of factly.

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“Yeah, of course, it does affect me, honestly. But it affects more if the people I love are affected. What I do is I pray. It’s a big factor that you surround yourself with those who lift you up.”

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What Comes Next?

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Despite what she has had to go through in life thus far, she doesn’t let the weight of that wear her down and break her spirit. In fact, she understands that it won’t be any easier as she rises to the great heights that destiny seems to be leading her to. At this point, she turns a little bit sentimental. “When I just do what I love while touching other people’s lives and inspire them, that’s what makes me smile,” Belle Mariano says. In fact, while people find a great deal of inspiration from her and the compelling and charismatic roles she portrays, she extracts more motivation to be and do better in everything she does. “I mean, I’m so grateful with all the people around me. Sila ‘yung parang my daily dose of coffee kumbaga. My day isn’t complete when I talk to these people,” she continues, listing down her solid system of support from her family, friends, fans, Donny Pangilinan, and yes, God. “It’s up to you whether you choose the right environment for you. I remember saying, a flower will only bloom if it’s in a good environment, right?”

Cropped faux fur jacket by LEBY LE MORIA White drawstring pants by KRISTINE ORDINARIO

Clearly, Belle Mariano is in a good place. And with her realistic and wise outlook in life, she is poised to be able to navigate what lies ahead with that gratifying mix of grace and grit that is inherent to her. There is a lot that she wants to do such as take on more interesting acting roles, further her advocacies on women empowerment and equality, and diving deep into her craft. “I want to write and maybe even direct my own film someday,” she reveals, this time with a dash of child-like bashfulness. It isn’t impossible, of course, because as far she’s concerned, what she sets her mind to, she can very well conquer.

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“All you have to do is to have faith and take that leap,” she says with a smile.

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