ICYDK, Vivoree Writes, Co-directs, And Stars In The ‘Dalawang Isip’ Music Video

"Mahal pa rin kita."

Back to enchant us with her delicate vocals, Vivoree also flexes her storyteller side in her latest music video that doubles as a romantic short film.

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Vivoree Esclito is back to give us the feels with the new music video for her latest romantic track, Dalawang Isip. And while the singer-actress-model aims to play with our hearts again with her vocal power, Vivoree is also responsible for the music video’s story and concept that will leave you wanting more.


Released under ABS-CBN Star Music, Dalawang Isip takes a different thematic route from Vivoree’s Matapang. Whereas the latter delves into the enchanting nature of falling in love, Dalawang Isip takes on a more pensive mood, wounding us with the song’s heartbreaking heft and some romantic drama.

Written by Danielle Balagtas, Dalawang Isip finds Vivoree reunited with fellow actor and on-screen partner Brent Manalo. Spanning four chapters chronicling different years, the five-minute music video is set in a library where a special love is born. Vivoree plays an aspiring author while Brent is his number one fan. Some broken promises, hard decisions, and tears cried later, the two cross paths once more, ready to continue the romantic tale they started.

In other words, the Dalawang Isip M/V can stand as a short film of its own and if anything, it’ll just make you want more from the promising ViBrent tandem. What makes Dalawang Isip special is that this also marks a first for Vivoree. This is the first time she made the concept for her own music video, creating the story with Chapters by Mayad, writing the script, and even co-directing it with Karlo Calingao.

“I’m here still floating… ‘cause another first just happened,” shares Vivoree in her Instagram post. “i was able to conceptualize and co-direct this music video with team @chaptersph 🩶 really grateful for my whole management especially @starmusicph for allowing me to sprinkle some of my creativity into this project.” While acting, directing, and scriptwriting seem to be daunting tasks, Vivoree adds that going out of her comfort zone “was definitely worth it.” 

Apart from the previously released Matapang and Dalawang Isip, fans can also get excited about Vivoree’s solo EP to be released later this year. And just as Dalawang Isip is that ideal track for when you want some mellow and sentimental tunes to accompany you in the rain, we can surely expect more achingly beautiful offerings from Vivoree. Or perhaps a new ViBrent movie with the soundtrack entirely made by Vivoree herself? Fingers crossed.

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