Boys Can Do It, Too! Ian And Paolo Bring The Heat With These Looks You Can Definitely Pull Off

From sun-kissed skin to Superman swoops, go on, try it for yourself.

You’ve seen the fashion explained, this time, we’re studying the looks that Ian and Paolo rocked for their cover shoot.


When it comes to treading the line between grooming and beauty, the rules no longer exist. Now this is both a good and bad thing, we believe. While it is no longer exclusive to just the feminine, the progress of relenting the uptight reins on gender expectations still faces the sizable population that still subscribes to the dichotomies set absolute by an archaic society. The mere fact that we still have to make a case for men in makeup to this day means that it isn’t completely accepted just yet. Now, this is a shame because more than its affinity to women, it easily accords everyone, men especially, so much more room for expression.

Green faux leather jacket by CRUZ MNL and chains by MAZEE PH

To be fair to the world, however, this growth comes with years of learning and unlearning. And we have come to a point where we are starting to really not give a damn about what others say, especially those prejudiced folks who do not want to get it.

Black suit by CRUZ MNL

This was precisely the jumping point for the grooming looks of Ian Pangilinan and Paolo Pangilinan. For their cover shoot, the point was to showcase their best selves, and pushing it just enough to showcase that boys can do it, too. This didn’t mean going to the far end of the spectrum, just enough of coloring outside the edges of what is typical, because would you believe that even the minimal smearing of makeup is still frowned upon by some people today?

The Looks Of Ian and Paolo Explained

On Paolo Black faux leather suit and trousers both by CRUZ MNL and chunky boots by DR MARTENS On Ian Green faux leather jacket and trousers both by CRUZ MNL and chunky boots by DR MARTENS

Bringing the cover looks of Ian and Paolo were makeup artist, Mac Igarta, and hairstylist, Mycke Arcano. With the directions set before them, the two established artists went in and did the work, putting their own spin to it. The goal was simple: to show how Ian and Paolo can rock editorial looks, too. From a ruffling of hair beyond the usual to a copious swiping of highlighter for that glow you can almost hear, it was definitely interesting to see them in a different light. Needless to say, they really did bring the heat that day.

Following their lead, read on to see the multiple looks explained and how you can pull these off for yourself. Remember: you are beautiful, no matter what they say (or even think). If you want to try these out, by all means, go on ahead.

Dewy Skin + Strong, Defined Brows

Ian Paolo Pangilinan NYLON Cover Photoshoot

Everything has to start with a good base, and to start things off, we wanted to show off the bright, healthy, and glowing skin of Ian and Paolo. This meant keeping things simple with minimal makeup, but with a whole lot of skin prep such as moisturizing, maybe adding a layer of serum, and priming before expanding the look with brushed brows.

Tousled, Textured Hair

Ian Paolo Pangilinan NYLON Cover Photoshoot

We’ve seen the boys rock the tousled looks for a while now, but this time we went a bit more disheveled. Whether you choose to massage mousse on your hair and lock the texture with hairspray or sea salt spray, the key here is to really go in and ruffle up the hair for that nonchalance we all really dig.

Sun-kissed Skin + Faux Freckles

Ian Paolo Pangilinan NYLON Cover Photoshoot

A tropical mainstay, sun-kissed makeup has been a go-to for anyone who wants to herald the summer whenever the moment calls for it or just simply when you want to go and glow. Now, this one of the fairly easier looks to get into if you want to try out something else. All you’ll need to have in your arsenal are lightweight foundation, bronzer, warm-toned blush (orange, peach, terracotta), and just the right amount of highlighter to punctuate that radiant look. But if you want to take the look further, you can add faux freckles by manually dotting your face using earth-toned colors. You can also flick it with a brush if you’re confident enough.

Slicked Back Hair + Superman Swoop

Ian Paolo Pangilinan NYLON Cover Photoshoot

Deceptively simple in its appearance, the slicked back hair needs a lot of precision and careful attention. Working on damp hair, brush your hair the way you want to (whether with a part or a pulled back one from the front of the face), and set the look with stronghold hairspray. You can also start with using the ever-so trusty gel and slather it on your hair and managing it to the shape you want to. For Ian and Paolo, it was decided to add swoops of hair curling to the front of their face for that added bit of whimsy.

Wet Look

Ian Paolo Pangilinan NYLON Cover Photoshoot

The misconception here is that the hair has to be sopping wet in order for it to work. While it can withstand a few clicks on its hydrated own, you need to see the hairstyle through. So, towel dry the hair just enough, then run hair gel, mousse, or shine cream through the strands of your hair and toss the ends just to turn it out right. As this was the last of the looks Ian and Paolo rocked for the shoot, it was easily the most comfortable one, too.