Hwang In Youp Smashes Stereotypes With BYS Philippines One Skincare Step at a Time

Who says women are the only ones who can have clear and healthy skin? This 'True Beauty' actor certainly doesn't think so.

Hwang In Youp uncovers true beauty as the new face of BYS Philippines.

While it’s the exciting storylines and heart-stopping plot twists that keep us in the loop of all past, present, and even future K-Dramas, we can’t deny that having eye candy actors and actresses play a big part in it as well. A perfect example of this is the rising actor who most recently played supposed bad boy Han Seo Joon of the fictional Saebom High School in True Beauty, Hwang In Youp. His piercing gaze and chic mullet had us falling head over heels for him, but it was also his clear and silky smooth skin that captured our hearts every single time. This is why it comes as no surprise that he graces us as the new face of BYS Philippines.

Being thrown into the spotlight because of his natural talent and captivating looks, it’s clear that Hwang In Youp is making a name for himself. The 30-year old actor who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design initially wanted to have his own clothing line before pursuing a career in modelling. A year later, he made his acting debut that eventually led to his breakout role in True Beauty, a K-Drama based on the webtoon of the same name, that aired from 2020 to 2021. On the show, his character’s fellow students were just fawning all over him, and BYS Philippines did, too. Thus, a breathtaking collaboration was born.

Smashing stereotypes through skincare

Initially known for being a makeup brand, BYS eventually launched their own skincare line this 2021. Skin by BYS has emphasized the importance of loving ourselves harder with the help of their 10 skincare products, and through their latest venture with Hwang In Youp, they aren’t just here to guide us in uncovering true beauty, but to also break stereotypes and say men can have their own skincare routines as well.

According to iFace General Manager Angie Goyena, “Signing on Hwang In Youp as our endorser is a statement about our stubborn assumptions concerning gender and beauty. This is an opportunity for us to smash stereotypes and shift away from standards, as well as be that voice to help shape the way we see beauty.” Skin by BYS Minis is a specially curated package of six products that offer men and women high-quality skincare that’s light on the packaging and on our pockets.

The set contains the Extra Gentle Milk Jelly Cleanser that yields smoother and brighter complexion with its non-irritating formula suitable for all skin types, the Extra Hydrating Balancing Toner that reduces fine lines while keeping moisture locked in, and the Extra Glow Brightening Serum that helps achieve a more youthful and healthier glow. It also includes the Extra Glow Face Cream that illuminates the skin, the Extra Brightening Eye Cream that brightens the skin around the eyes, and the Extra Effortless Pore Perfecting Sunblock with SPF 50 PA+++ that protects the skin from the negative effects of UV rays.

Similar to Hwang In Youp’s remarkable journey to the top, Skin by BYS Minis creates a clearer and brighter way for us, men and women alike, to uncover true beauty.

Along with the six Skin by BYS products, fans will be ecstatic to receive two limited edition photocards of Hwang In Youp himself! Head over to your nearest Watsons or The SM Store, or visit Amorfia, Watsons, and ShopSM to get yours online.