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How You Can Help Donate To The Victims Of Typhoon Karding

Your generosity is appreciated.

Here’s a running list of donation drives you can support the relief efforts for the victims of Typhoon Karding.

On Sunday, September 25, Typhoon Karding (International name: Noru), barreled through parts of Luzon, bringing heavy rains and winds through many provinces and cities. Already, the storm is the strongest recorded typhoon to have hit the Philippine so far. Right before it landed, Karding was given the super typhoon category with some parts reaching as high as signal number five. Luckily, it weakened back to typhoon status just as it hit the country mainly thanks to Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the country, as the mountains disorganized the storm’s heavy winds. It was yet another reminder of just as how the Sierra Madre protects Luzon from typhoons, we should also protect it from deforestation, illegal mining, and other man-made destructive acts.

Still, thousands had to leave their home with thousands more seeing damages to their homes, rice fields, and farmlands across Central Luzon. With relief and rescue operations currently underway, here’s a running list of donation drives where you can donate money or other goods to helped displaced families and individuals.

Check out here for monetary donations.

Check out here for more details.

For The Future has an typhoon relief donation page where you can donate money to help on-going and long term efforts.

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