Here’s Why ‘How To Make Millions Before Grandma Dies’ Has Got Everyone Crying

If you're in the need of a good cry.

This Thai movie has been breaking box office records and got social media talking, for all the right reasons.

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What’s in a movie’s name? As one of the first things people see, the title sets the groundwork for what audiences can expect. Some titles keep it direct, while others allude to a bigger picture the film hopes to tell. But the Thai drama How To Make Millions Before Granda Dies puts its intentions directly in its title. 

It’s bold, for sure, and probably grabbed your attention with how on-the-nose it was. And, it may also be one of the reasons why this movie has become the talk of the town on social media, especially with how emotional it has made viewers. Even if you haven’t heard anything about the movie, you’ve probably come across its emotions-heavy marketing campaign.  

So, is it just smoke and mirrors or the real deal? Before you head to the cinema to see if the movie is worth the hype, here’s what you need to know about the tearjerker film of the year. 


How To Make Millions Before Granda Dies stars noted Thai star Billkin as M, a teenage university dropout. In his hopes of having a better life for himself, M decides to sideline his dreams of being a game caster to take care of his grandmother Amah (Usha Seamkhum), who is dying of end-stage cancer. You wouldn’t call M the best grandson in the world, which is why his decision to care for his grandmother doesn’t come from the love of his heart, but the desire to inherit a multi-million dollar inheritance from her. 

M tries to win over his grandmother by moving in with her and serving as her caretaker. But this devoted grandson act doesn’t fool Amah so easily as she proves to be a demanding and difficult person to please and take care of. To make matters worse, M has competition for the inheritance thanks to his grandmother’s two adult sons. This, in turn, has M embark on a quest to be his grandmother’s fave amid strong competition, all while growing along the way. With the title alone, the movie isn’t subtle, so you can imagine where it goes. But more than just how you think this movie ends, it’s the journey that has captivated audiences.   


Since its release in Thailand in early April 2024, How To Make Millions Before Granda Dies has received rave reviews and has become an unlikely box-office sensation. The movie is currently the highest-grossing movie in Thailand this year, beating out several Hollywood blockbusters. It has also been making noise in its expansion to other countries across Asia. In the Philippines, the movie made its premiere last May 29 as an SM Cinema exclusive and quickly went viral thanks to, among other things, how it brought many viewers to tears. 

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More than Billkin’s fans flooding the cinema, the movie is a truly emotional ride. No spoilers here, but let’s just say the movie’s claim to be an instant tearjerker isn’t wrong. Even if you aren’t the crying type, the movie knows how to get you to feel your feels. There’s a reason why cinema staff are handing tissues to moviegoers. What it lacks in spectacle, it more than makes up for it with its slice-of-life story about the dynamics of generational divide, eldercare, and other contemporary topics relevant to today’s generation. 

When a heartwarming tale about family connects, it connects. And beyond that, it’s a genuinely good movie. What makes the movie’s success more noteworthy is that this is the feature directorial debut of Bad Genius The Series director Pat Boonnitipat and Usha Seamkhum’s acting debut. It’s giving unexpected box office hit with great lessons to take away from. 

If you want to check out the movie for yourself, it is still showing exclusively in SM Cinemas nationwide. 

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