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Movies + Live Orchestra = Magic In This New Live Experience

*Secures tickets*

Film Concerts PH is making the movie-watching experience even better with the power of a live orchestra, and for their first show, they’re taking you to a galaxy far, far away.

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Ah, cinema. When people think of what makes movies great, the conversation usually goes to the acting, story, directing, and visuals. But an underrated aspect of films that highkey deserves more respect is the art of the score. Some of the most iconic and well-loved movies in cinema history have timeless and celebrated orchestral soundtracks. Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Star Wars, you name it, these classic films all have OSTs for the ages. It’s this combination of movies and soundtracks that Film Concerts PH is bringing to audiences this year and beyond for a cinematic experience unlike any other. 



Founded by Mikhail Schemm, who played an instrumental role in bringing the first Harry Potter film concert to Manila in 2019, Film Concerts PH is the newest entertainment offering that brings the magic of popular movies, games, and other media content together with the power of live orchestral music. These movies with live orchestra concerts are shows that feature screenings on a large-scale screen, accompanied by a live orchestra playing soundtracks synchronized to the films and video.

Imagine watching a movie on the big screen while an actual orchestra plays the film’s soundtrack right in front of you. How epic is that? And the best part is that this immersive experience promises to go beyond holding popular movie concerts. Aside from Lord Of The Rings, the MCU, and Disney movies, think cult movie series, kids and family favorites, video game music, documentaries, anime-based concerts, and more. We know what we’re doing for the rest of the year. 


For their first show of the year, Film Concerts PH is taking you to a galaxy far, far away with a screening of Star Wars: A New Hope. Fans, moviegoers, and concert-lovers can experience the scope and grandeur of the beginning of the Star Wars franchise with Star Wars: A New Hope in Concert this September 7 and 9 at The Theatre at Solaire. Catch the beloved film in its entirety on the big screen in a live symphonic concert experience as John Williams’ iconic score is performed live in sync with the film. 


Playing at the concert will be the Filharmonika Orchestra, which consists of many players from the former ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra. Leading them is conductor Gerard Salonga, who has led many shows locally and abroad. We have a feeling the Force is strong in this one. The goosebumps we’re going to get when we hear classics like the Main Title and Imperial Attack played live is unreal. 

You can register here for the pre-sale, which is happening on June 3 and 4. Tickets will be publicly available on Ticketworld starting June 5.

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