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Here’s How You Can Audition To Be A Part Of This P-pop Star Search Reality Show

Think you're top class?

Have what it takes to be part of a top tier P-pop group? Then you may want to audition for TV5’s newest P-pop reality show.

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When people say P-pop rising, they mean it. As late as a few years ago, P-pop and specifically P-pop groups were mostly seen as gimmicks and afterthoughts in the industry. They rarely got the training, production, and promo needed to really make it big. But thanks to the success of groups like SB19, that mindset is changing. Now, P-pop groups are slowly being seen as premier artists to pay attention to and take seriously. And with this increase in attention comes more people who wish to live out their superstar dreams. If you are one such person, you’re in luck as right on time, a new reality show set on finding the next big P-pop group is coming soon


Announced this March, Top Class: The Rise To P-Pop Stardom is the newest reality show-slash-training program following the formation of the next P-pop stars. It serves as a collaboration between Cornerstone Entertainment, kumu, and TV5. Catriona Gray is set to serve as the host and will feature a series of special judges and mentors for the trainees such as KZ Tandingan. They are currently on the search for a new batch of would-be P-pop idols to join the program and become a trainee. Here’s how you can audition.


If you’re male between the ages of 16-26, then you are applicable to join. To audition, all you have to do is go on the kumu app and press the Karlito on the LIVE Page. After that, film your audition video. You must include your name, age, where you are from, and show off your talent in either singing, rapping, or dancing. The clip must be no longer than 57 seconds. Afterwards, upload that clip on your kumu page and include #kumuTOPCLASS in the caption. Make sure to also fill out the Top Class Audition Form found at the How To Join tab in kumu. Deadline for applications is until April 20, 2022. Make sure to check your kumu DMs as that is where the producers will inform you if you make it to the next round.

Make it all the way until the end, and you’ll be one of the 30 trainees part of the Top Class Trainee Batch 2022. Do know that not only is Cornerstone Entertainment home to some of the biggest names in the industry, but they’re also the company behind rookie P-pop groups VXON and G22. Both have impressed with their debut, so if you do make it, know that your training is going to be no joke. So, if you feel that you have what it takes to become the next P-pop idol and the skills to make it to the top, warm up those vocal chords, dust off your dancing shoes, and film that audition tape. Who knows, you may just become the next idol we will be stanning.

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