7 of HORI7ON's TikTok Dance Collabs In 2023 That Broke The Internet

7 of HORI7ON’s TikTok Dance Collabs In 2023 That Broke The Internet

Everybody feels like SIX7EEN.

From TikToks with DK to SB19, ZB1 to Maris Racal, global pop group HORI7ON has a whole bunch of dance collabs that made the whole world tune in.

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Global pop group HORI7ON may have just debuted this year, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves and grew their fanbase here in the Philippines as well as in South Korea due to their skills, synergy, youthfulness, and general superstars-in-the-making energy. And like any trendy Gen Z idols, they’ve got the TikTok game down on lock.

With collabs with some of the hottest K-pop idols to the biggest local stars of this generation, their TikToks show just how far they’ve made it since their Dream Maker era and how they’re rising up to become major global stars at such young ages. Check out their dance skills and the new Friend-SHIP‘s they’ve made over the year below.


@hori7onofficial 💎최고의 선배님과 함께 #파이팅 할 수 있어서 너무 영광이었습니다❤️ #HORI7ON #호라이즌 #JEROMY #제로미 #MARCUS #마커스 #부석순 #도겸 #BSS_Fighting #파이팅해야지 ♬ 파이팅 해야지 (Feat. 이영지) – 부석순 (SEVENTEEN)

In a surprise TikTok filmed at the Asia Artist Awards 2023 in the Philippines that earned hundreds of thousands of views upon its release, the maknaes of HORI7ON Jeromy and Marcus danced to BSS feat. Youngji’s Fighting with BooSeokSoon’s leader DK himself.


@hori7onofficial HORI7ON x SB19 Finally meet‼️❤️‍🔥🤩 #HORI7ON #호라이즌 #KYLER #카일러 #WINSTON #윈스턴 #SIX7EEN #SB19 #SB19_PABLO #SB19_JUSTIN ♬ SIX7EEN – HORI7ON(호라이즌)

Fresh from their respective historic Asia Artist Awards wins, HORI7ON’s Kyler and Winston and SB19’s Pablo and Justin teamed up for a quick TikTok, dancing to HORI7ON’s SIX7EEN. The global pop groups both tore up the AAA stage with their performances, hyping the crowd and enticing audiences to check them out. Based on the reactions and comments, this TikTok (and Vinci’s acceptance speech at the award show) also alerted many to the fact that HORI7ON is made up of Filipino members. Well, to anyone unaware, they are all Filipino, and they are killing it.


Both having debuted this year after winning their respective survival shows, HORI7ON and ZEROBASEONE are fifth generation pop princes. During their promotional run in South Korea, HORI7ON collaborated with a number of K-pop idols, including ZB1’s Seok Matthew, who is the same age as Kyler and shares the same final rank on Boys Planet as Kyler did on Dream Maker. They danced to each of their debut singles SIX7EEN and In Bloom.


@hori7onofficial DASH! DASH! with @AndreeBonifacio #HORI7ON #VINCI #REYSTER #DASH #DASHchallenge #호라이즌 #빈치 #레이스터 #대시 #대시챌린지 ♬ DASH – HORI7ON

After sharing the ASAP Natin ‘To stage with Kim Chiu on her birthday and AC Bonifacio, and before they even officially debuted, HORI7ON’s Vinci and Reyster collaborated with performer AC Bonifacio for a TikTok set to their pre-debut single Dash. Dance icons.


As is common practice when backstage at music shows, soloist and actress Kwon Eunbi dance-dueted with a paint-splattered Kyler twice after their performances at Korean music show Show! Music Core back in August. Did they or did they not slay dancing to each other’s tracks?


@hori7onofficial DASH challenge with @Maris Racal #HORI7ON #WINSTON #JEROMY #MARCUS #DASH #DASHchallenge ♬ DASH – HORI7ON

On the ASAP stage once more, HORI7ON’s Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus danced Dash with Queen of the Internet and actress Maris Racal—in their prettiest, most brightly-colored outfits!


@hori7onofficial #ONEPACT #TAG 님과 #SIX7EENchallenge 진짜 #좋겠다 ➿😍🤩 #HORI7ON #호라이즌 #KIM #킴 #KYLER #카일러 #SIX7EEN #원팩트 #태그 #MustBeNice #좋겠다_Challenge ♬ SIX7EEN – HORI7ON(호라이즌)

It’s such a wholesome thing to see idols from different K-pop generations support the new generation, and groups from the same generation do the same thing. But you have to wonder how HORI7ON feels now that they’re sunbaenims or seniors to groups like ONE PACT, who debuted just last November 30. While both groups are just starting out themselves, it must be a surreal but amazing feeling to realize how far they’ve already come. HORI7ON’s Kim and Kyler, or 2K as they’re affectionately called by ANCHORs, danced with fellow ’02 liner TAG from ONE PACT. We sense a friendship brewing!

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