5 Times HORI7ON’s Jeromy Totally Served Main Dancer Energy

Movin' and groovin'.

HORI7ON’s second youngest member Jeromy Batac took a DNA test and it turns out he’s 100% that dancer.

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There are times when you can just spot the makings of a superstar from a mile away—and HORI7ON’s Jeromy Batac is proof. A singer, dancer, and performer, the 14-year old global idol proves every day that he deserves to be singing and dancing down the path to success at such a young age. Whether it’s in dance practices or on huge concert stages, Jeromy dances fluidly, with passion, and with a precise eye.

Hailing as the top-ranked contestant on reality survival show Dream Maker, Jeromy (or Jiro) secured a spot on global group HORI7ON as a dancer, vocalist, and center, along with Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, and Marcus. The members share their talents primarily in the Philippines and South Korea, and in just a short time, appreciation for the group grew—and so did a recognition of each member’s abilities. From Dream Maker to MCountdown, Jeromy is lauded for exuding main dancer capabilities, and here are just a few reasons why.


Even just as a contestant on Dream Maker, Jeromy stood out as a talented young singer and performer. Ranked first by the end of the show and lauded as the overall best dancer (in this video, you can spot everyone, especially his to-be members, being so happy for him!), the 14-year-old showed skills that allowed him to reach global stardom—and he’s only getting better from here.


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We witnessed Jeromy’s love and passion for dance at our October cover shoot, where the young idol danced his heart out to the songs playing over the speakers and gave us a glimpse of his talent firsthand. From Seventeen’s Super to Stay Kids’ S-Class, Jiro and his fellow members ate up the choreo of every song we played. We even glimpsed him doing little dance moves in between clicks of the camera. Serving face card in the camera then eating the dance floor right after? We know that’s right.


If you didn’t know, Jeromy was part of a dance group Electro Groovers back when he was around nine years old. While he was on the team, Electro Groovers won the World Supremacy Battlegrounds International Kids Champions in Sydney, Australia in 2018. The group showed support for the young performer throughout his participation on Dream Maker, and was even ready with a whole throwback album to congratulate him when he won. Look how adorable he is!


Whether or not you’re a fancam watcher, Jeromy’s perfectly-crafted expressions and crisp dance moves makes his solo videos so enjoyable to watch. Watching his fancams also gives you a glimpse into his growth from Dream Maker up to his Korean stage performances. Witness his talents right here.


At HORI7ON’s first concert Voyage To Manila, Jeromy performed his solo song featuring Leo of TFN—the dance break of which he choreographed himself. Not all dancers are choreographers, but the young artist put his all into crafting something special for himself and his fans, and the electric performance was a testament to his dancing forte.

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