Highlights From PENSHOPPE x Chanyeol Fanmeet in Manila

10 Highlights From The PENSHOPPE x Chanyeol Fanmeet In Manila

We're waiting for that first snow challenge, Chanyeol.

Chanyeol’s PENSHOPPE fanmeet in Manila saw MOA Arena filled with music, laughter, biceps, and the distinct love between idol and fan.

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EXO’s Chanyeol is this close to making the Philippines his second home. Having visited for a fanmeet just two months ago, the K-pop star came back to Manila for the third time this year for a night with Filipino brand PENSHOPPE and his adoring EXO-Ls and Yeolmaes. As one of PENSHOPPE’s newest ambassadors, Chanyeol met up with his Filipino fans through a fanmeet held at Mall of Asia Arena on December 16, 2023. Fans attending simply had to purchase a minimum amount of items at PENSHOPPE to acquire a ticket to the fanmeet.

From showing his biceps to performing a medley of songs, Chanyeol made sure he was Ambassador of the Year 2023, letting his fans have a great time while also having a great time with his large fanbase here in the Philippines. Check out a few highlights from the fanmeet below.


The K-pop star had the brightest smile on his face all throughout the show, thoroughly enjoying himself as he performed his own songs, EXO songs, played games, and interacted with his fans. On his third visit this year to the Philippines, Chanyeol saw a filled stadium, and had a great, relaxed night of games and music and fun with his Yeolmaes.


@kmusify EXO #Chanyeol dances to GROWL, LOVE SHOT & MAMA! Presented by @PENSHOPPE #PENSHOPPE #PENSHOPPExCHANYEOL #PENSHOPPExCHANYEOLinMNL ♬ original sound – Kmusify

One of the several games during the fanmeet had Chanyeol guessing the dances shown on screen, which included EXO’s Growl, Love Shot, and MAMA. He then danced to the songs himself. EXO hasn’t had a comeback as a complete group in a while, what with all the mandatory military enlistment (Sehun’s enlisting real soon on December 21, as well), but as fans have proven time and time again, they’re willing to wait and enjoy the time they have with each and every member.


@kmusify Fast talk with Chanyeol in Manila! Presented by @PENSHOPPE #PENSHOPPE #PENSHOPPExCHANYEOL #PENSHOPPExCHANYEOLinMNL ♬ original sound – Kmusify

When in the Philippines, right? As part of the fanmeet, Chanyeol played his own version of popular Filipino talk show game Fast Talk, answering questions about music, fashion, trends, and Filipino culture. That day, we all learned—if we didn’t know already—that Chanyeol is a beach guy.


@almabieee CHANYEOL SHOWING HIS BICEPS WHILE SAYING MAHAL KITA 😭😭😭 #EXO #Chanyeol #penshoppexchanyeol ♬ 그래도 돼 Good Enough – CHANYEOL

With a love as strong as his arms, Chanyeol yells “mahal kita!” for his Pinoy Yeolmaes right there on stage while baring his biceps. If the screaming was any indication, the fans really enjoyed that.


Lightsticks are some of the most beautiful inventions that elevate a concert experience ever. When the lights lit up the arena in an array of colors as part of a fan project organized by Yeolmaes, it was like a rainbow ocean, an EXO and EXO-L staple at any big show or event.


While not a concert, a fanmeet isn’t complete without some performances. Chanyeol performed his solo songs SSWF, Tomorrow, and his latest single Good Enough during the event. He shared earlier during the press conference that Good Enough was inspired by dramas he’s watched, the people around him, and the places he’s been to and the people he’s encountered.


We’re not crying, you’re crying. Chanyeol’s adoring fans prepared a special video message fan project, where they relayed their messages to him in English, Filipino, and Korean all about how much they love him, and how he and EXO have changed their lives. From recounting how long they’ve supported him, giving him their well-wishes, and complimenting , the video message was terribly sweet, and made for a special, memorable moment during the fanmeet.


Chanyeol clearly favors the Filipino hit Hawak Kamay by Yeng Constantino, performing it here every chance he gets, even back during EXO’s first concert here in 2013. He’ll never get tired of it, and neither will we.


EXO’s popular holiday-season track from 2013 First Snow gets its flowers during the first snowfall of the season in South Korea, and the dance challenge by Hwang Sehun this year has been a trend among TikTokers and idols alike. During the fanmeet, Chanyeol’s fans urged him to perform the challenge, and he did a little bit of the choreography before assuring he’ll get his members to do it with him first.


At the press conference before the fanmeet, Chanyeol had some wonderful words for fans or anyone who is going through a difficult time. “Do as you wish,” he advises. “Whether it’s your profession or relationship with other people, I think the most important thing is follow your heart. Because whenever you do, you will never regret it.”

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