7 Moments At Chanyeol’s Manila Funmeet That Proved How Much He Loves His Filipino Fans

Too wholesome

Chanyeol’s funmeet in Manila was low-key his latest declaration of love for Filipino EXO-Ls.

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Filipino EXO-Ls started October right as Chanyeol made his latest trip to the country for a funmeet with Ever Bilena on the 1st of the month. As the first international and male ambassador of the beauty brand, Chanyeol was set to have an even more intimate experience with his passionate Pinoy fans in his first solo event in the country. And it didn’t take long for Chanyeol to make the funmeet more about his yeolmaes than himself in a reunion loved by both fans and the K-pop superstar. If you want to relive the night or want to know what went down, here are some highlights of the funmeet at PICC. 


Chanyeol Ever Bilena Ambassador

Even during the press conference held before the funmeet, Chanyeol made it known that the Philippines has a special place in his heart since it was the first country he visited. “When I was in middle school during our vacation, I came to the Philippines for a short-term study program for English,” he shared. That was his first visit of what would be many to the country as each return endeared him more to Pinoys. “I have a lot of memories here and it really makes me comfortable whenever I come here to the Philippines.” It’s no wonder then he thinks about living in the Philippines everyday. 


Chanyeol’s funmeet was mainly supposed to be an interview and a few activities, but given how much Chanyeol loves his Filipino fans, he couldn’t say no to their requests. He opened the show with a performance of Nothin’ which wasn’t originally part of the program, and TBH, it made for an even better opening. 


During the funmeet, Chanyeol was asked by one fan what he was looking forward to the most in the Philippines. His answer? Seeing his fans, of course. “It was my first time to see this much Filipinos by myself, solo. I was very excited about today and I’m really happy.”


When it was revealed Chanyeol was announced as the newest ambassador for Ever Bilena, many Filipino fans were overjoyed. Even Chanyeol himself was caught off-guard with the love. “I was really surprised because I was able to realize how much love the Filipino fans still have for me,” he said during the funmeet. “I really had a lot of excitment having this project together with Ever Bilena. And I had the heart that I wanted to do my best.” 


Congratulations to all the new Mrs. Parks. The fact that he didn’t hesitate to say yes when fans asked to marry him and that he wanted the marriage today makes us love him even more.  


At this point, Chanyeol and Hawak Kamay go together like tocino and egg. He often performs the song when in the Philippines, and he did so again during the funmeet as he serenaded the crowd while playing the guitar as fans sang along. “It’s been a long time since I last visited the Philippines, so I prepared a very small gift for you guys,” he revealed before performing the track. 


Chanyeol had the most wholesome reaction to the LOVE CY Fan Project as he even got up on the table to see the whole crowd. 


After watching the same day edit video (which he had the cutest response to), Chanyeol ended the fanmeet with a speech that could warm the coldest of hearts. He started off by sharing how he realized he means so much to many people. 

“The greatest feeling that I have right now is that I want to live a better life from now. I’m just an Ordinary person just like you, or am I not? Am I an alien? While watching this video you made me realize that my existence itself already gives you a lot of strength. So I had this determination that I could not live without trying my best or trying harder. So on this night, I can also say that the only reason — the only engine that I have to be on this stage, to do any of these things that I’m doing is because of you, and Ever Bilena (jokingly).” 

He then went on to thank EXO-Ls for their support and promised to give back their love. “So to all the EXO-L that are here tonight, and all the EXO-L all around the world, our Cherry, for all of you I will really do my best, I will really work harder to be your pride because you are my pride. It’s really my honest reflection on tonight. I really feel and I really know that wherever you are all around the world really support me a lot. So I would really want to be this great person, great artist who could give you happiness and satisfaction. I’m really overjoyed tonight. I was extremely happy tonight.” 

It didn’t take much to see how happy Chanyeol was during the funmeet, and he ended his closing spiel by thanking everyone who made the experience so enjoyable for him. “While watching the video I was able to see how I looked like tonight, and I really saw how happy I was and that’s all thanks to you guys. To the EXO-Ls and to everyone here tonight that made me happy, I’m really grateful. And I’m also sincerely very grateful to Ever Bilena for making this night happen. So I could really say that this is the best night I’ve ever had! Thank you so much.” 

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