Go Big Or Go Home: 10 Highlights From ENHYPEN's FATE Tour Concert In New Clark City

Go Big Or Go Home: 10 Highlights From ENHYPEN’s FATE Tour Concert In New Clark City

No venom here, just sweetness all around.

ENHYPEN made sure to fill the New Clark City Stadium with big performances, “special guests,” and a whole lot of fun at their FATE Tour concert.

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With hyped performances, the ever-so-special moving carts, a roster of Pinoy songs they sang and danced to, and more, seven-member K-pop idol group ENHYPEN put on a show that befit being the first musical act to host a concert at the New Clark City Athletics Stadium.

Brought here by concert organizer PULP Live World, ENHYPEN stopped by the Philippines for the penultimate (so far) show of their second World Tour, FATE. Held at New Clark City in Tarlac, in the NCC Athletics Stadium, the concert was clearly a blast—literally, and not just because they got fireworks. Despite the long commute to the stadium and the heat, once ENGENEs got to their seats, they were sure Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Ni-ki were going to put on an epic show. And they did! Here are a few highlights from ENHYPEN’s FATE concert in New Clark City.


@nylonmanila #ENHYPEN Sunghoon performs Gento by SB19. Filo ENGENEs stay winning!!! 🫡 #FATE_IN_NEWCLARKCITY ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

Almost a year since it dropped and GENTO is still living rent-free in idols’ minds. Since he was in the Philippines, it was only fitting that Sunghoon couldn’t help but dance to the SB19 mega hit mid-show.


@nylonmanila The #ENHYPEN Pinoy saga continues with Heeseung’s “Give Me Your Forever” performance. 🇵🇭 #FATE_IN_NEWCLARKCITY ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila
@nylonmanila SUNOO covered Moving Closer by Never The Strangers in today's concert! 🇵🇭 #FATE_IN_NEWCLARKCITY #ENHYPEN ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

From dancing a Pinay dancer’s choreography to covering GENTO, ENHYPEN’s had plenty of Pinoy-coded moments in their career. Their Pinoy era was at its peak at the FATE show when Heeseung and Sunoo covered OPM songs Never the Strangers and Give Me Your Forever.


@e.dump_eya someone said ang purpose ng fireworks at the end of a concert is to somehow distract and para di mo maramdaman na aalis na sila 😪 you're super loved my #enhypen #fatetour #fate_in_newclark_city #en_worldtour_fate ♬ Fate – ENHYPEN

One thing about open-air stadiums—the way they allow fireworks to add a new level of fun and splendor to a concert is a true bonus. The fireworks at the end of the FATE concert left everyone, even ENHYPEN, in awe.


Jay’s father was the picture of ever-supportive dad watching his son do what he does best when he watched ENHYPEN’s concert from the audience. He took selfies with fans, talked about his idol son, and cheered for the group right along with ENGENEs.


In a moment that would make Ash Ketchum’s eyes bug out, ENHYPEN brought out their special guests during their performance of One and Only—Pikachu! Several giant Pikachus graced the stage and danced with the members, making the stage so much more adorable than it already was.


The sun bore down hard on ENGENEs early in the afternoon of concert day, so ENHYPEN took it upon themselves to cool their fans down. And Heeseung tried very hard—hard enough to send a water bottle flying like a rocket towards the crowd. Something about K-pop idols throwing water at the crowd—it’s always a hit, literally.


Bigger stadiums employing the use of moving carts to bring performers closer to the audience is one of the most genius ideas to improve a concert experience. During the final leg of the show, ENHYPEN got on their carts and shared some Y/N moments with fans as they got up close and personal following the track around the stadium.


ENGENEs’ loud cheers rang out loud through the night, filling the New Clark City with perhaps the loudest sounds the complex has ever had ring out. Who doubted Filipino fans’ ability to bring the energy to a concert? Definitely not us.


@nicorogelio GAME OVER 🏈 may nanalo na!! 😮‍💨 | #Enhypen #Engene #Heeseung #Fate_In_NewClark_City ♬ original sound – Nico Rogelio

Heeseung once again sent a projectile flying towards the crowd—and no one’s mad about it! Who would be, when the football you catch is marked with a kiss and the member who kissed it said “mahal kita.” Who cares about the Super Bowl—that ENGENE won at life.


Holding up orange flowers as a reference to ENHYPEN’s song Orange Flower (You Complete Me), ENGENEs sang the song to the members for their fan project, prompting Jay to say “This is the Philippines I’ll remember.”

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