SEVENTEEN Follow To Bulacan Philippine Sports Stadium Concert

13 Highlights From SEVENTEEN’s Two-Day Stadium Show ‘FOLLOW To Bulacan’

FOLLOW Festival was a blast.

From epic stages to wholesome interactions, SEVENTEEN’s back-to-back FOLLOW To Bulacan concerts prove once again how special Filipinos are to SVT.

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K-pop supergroup SEVENTEEN held their much-awaited FOLLOW To Bulacan concerts over the weekend, and there was no shortage of grand performances, hilarious interactions, and love between each member and each fan.

A few unfortunate circumstances and situations were brought to light during the show though, such as the stadium’s bleachers collapsing, fans struggling and even fainting in the packed standing sections—which SEVENTEEN handled well—and Seungkwan’s departure mid-show during Day 1 because he was feeling unwell (thankfully, he made it to Day 2). Members S.Coups and Jeonghan were also unable to make it due to recovering from their injuries.

But despite all that, SEVENTEEN had a great time with the large crowd of CARATs, singing, dancing, and performing their hearts out. They had endless praise for the energy of the crowd, even calling us “perfect“, as well as so much energy—bounding around and goofing off on stage in between performances. The fact that they teased that they would return soon has us crossing our fingers for an encore, this time with S.Coups and Jeonghan. So, to let you experience the weekend, or relive the experience (because PCD is real), we’ve rounded up a few highlights from two days of SEVENTEEN’s FOLLOW To Bulacan concert.


The stage production for FOLLOW To Bulacan was truly next-level. From revolving stages (endearingly called the “microwave stage”) to moving sets, Woozi’s lifting stage rig to blooming flowers on the walkway during their performance of Beautiful, pyrotechnics to confetti cannons, SEVENTEEN and their production team ensured FOLLOW maximized the huge stadium and put on a show. They brought well-produced stages to Bulacan, making every moment a treat for the eyes and ears. Every set perfectly matched each of SEVENTEEN’s performances, whether it be fun and festival-worthy or slow and emotional.


When Hoshi learned that the fans had no water despite the heat and crowdedness of the venue, he pretended to pray for rain—to the dissent of CARATs! No one wants to get rained on in such an open field when you’re trying to enjoy a show. When Wonwoo noticed fans vehemently gesturing “no,” he laughingly informed Hoshi and the latter apologized promptly. It’s the thought that counts!


Highly-anticipated since being introduced in SEVENTEEN’s earlier concerts and FOLLOW shows, the moving carts between the standing sections and the stage, as well as those that went around the entirety of the stadium running track, brought the members closer to the audiences in the bleachers. The roaming carts allowed more CARATs and SEVENTEEN to see each other up close and share some cute interactions.


The tiger is hilariously amused every time he hears CARATs say his signature ending message—which he’s been doing since the Be The Sun World Tour—along with him, memorized and locked into their minds. He even did it twice during Day 1, and his fellow members like Woozi were also so amused and in awe. Iconic ment, tbh!


SEVENTEEN’s newest album and subsequent FOLLOW Tour were promoted with a “festival” motif, and what’s a festival without the freedom to celebrate music and unexpected performances? The setlist for the Follow tour included recent songs, as well as songs from SEVENTEEN’s past albums, celebrating their career Eras-Tour style. They went as far back as 2016 with the Performance Unit’s HIGHLIGHT along with their setlist mainstay Aju Nice, and 2017 with Don’t Wanna Cry. Other songs included Good To Me (2019) and THANKS (2018).


Never a dull moment with SEVENTEEN and CARATs, fr. From Seungkwan picking up a fan’s phone while wearing an orange hat given to him by a fan, to Mingyu pretending to throw his used towel at the crowd, to endless interactions on stage and on the carts, FOLLOW gave plenty of opportunities to CARATs and SEVENTEEN to see each other in real life and share moments of joy, laughter, and music.


@nylonmanila Mingyu speaks in Filipino for his ending ment last night at Day 1 of #SEVENTEEN’s #Follow_To_Bulacan concert. Is he hinting a PH encore? 👀. We hope the answer is in the affirmative! #SEVENTEENinBulacan ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

SEVENTEEN shocked everyone when they delivered so many of their messages in Filipino, and whether they were reading from teleprompters or saying “mahal ko kayo” by heart, we know they meant every word and worked hard to get their love and appreciation across.


FOLLOW at the Philippine Sports Stadium might have just been the loudest event I have ever been to. From the singing to the cheers, chants of “kung chi pak chi” from God of Music to the screams when SEVENTEEN did the floor grind choreography in Good To Me, tens of thousands of fans’ voices shook the stadium, heard even in the parking lots.


Team Labas, or those enjoying a show from outside the stadium, also had some fun of their own! Even if CARATs didn’t have tickets, they made the most of their time as they gave away or collected freebies, met up with friends, traded photocards, and more.


Following Hoshi’s video doing the SOS trend, he also taught the dance to his fellow members and CARATs on stage. The trend set to their song SOS (Prod. Marshmello) was made by a Filipino CARAT, Vince, and we can only imagine how it feels to have your idol not just post a video doing a trend you started, but do it again with his group and his fans during a concert.


After the unit stages on Day 1, Hoshi informed the crowd that Seungkwan wasn’t feeling well and would be unable to continue the show. The stadium then chanted “괜찮아” (“It’s okay!”) and still showed him so much love by singing his parts and pushing through with the birthday fan projects with the banners and the singing of Happy Birthday (Seungkwan’s birthday is on January 16). He thankfully felt great enough to make it to the stage on Day 2, though, and got to see the projects for himself.


SEVENTEEN had a special guest at the FOLLOW concert: Pi Cheolin (“Featuring”)! The character is Dino’s alter ego, a village man persona from their CARATLAND Fan Meet 2021 VCR and has since become a running bit in the world of SEVENTEEN. Pi Cheolin even performed at a special Fighting stage with BooSeokSoon at the Golden Disc Awards last year, covering featured rapper Lee Youngji’s parts.


Concerts are avenues where fans can go all-out for their support of their favorite artists, and artists can interact in real life with them, as well. SEVENTEEN and CARATs proved their support for one another through bringing attention to what needed to be addressed, communicating their love through banners, and just trying to have a fun, safe, and enjoyable time together.

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