Heart Evangelista Got Treated To A Filipino Dinner Party For Her Bling Empire Debut

She looked amazing, as always.

Heart Evangelista had a short yet sweet moment in Bling Empire season three that involved a party, Filipino food, and some matchmaking.

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Netflix’s reality series Bling Empire was a breakout hit ever since its debut in season one. The show’s premise of Crazy Rich Asians IRL, which followed the lives of well, crazy rich Asians in Hollywood made for a guilty-pleasure viewing for many. People also got to talking about who else could appear in the series, with Heart Evangelista emerging as a common denominator.

The whole aesthetic of the accomplished actress and businesswoman fit the show’s concept like a glove. So, it was a no-brainer she should appear on the show. And with the recent release of season three of Bling Empire, many fans finally got their wish with Heart making her long-awaited appearance on the series.


While Heart’s appearance in the new season may have been short, she made the most of her five-minute screen time. The fashion superstar is featured in the ninth episode entitled Kevin in Paris. You won’t have to wait too long for her as Heart’s scene is right in the opening of the episode. In it, we find Heart, accompanied by a few other Filipinos like fashion designer Mark Bumgarner, being welcomed by series regulars Kane Lim and Kelly Mi. Heart, who was described as “Kane’s Celebrity Friend,” was in LA for a few weeks, and Kane threw a fancy dinner party in her honor. But it wasn’t just any party though, the feast was composed of all Filipino food, because Kane wanted her to feel more at home. As for Heart, she also came prepared with a gift and gave Kane some fine jewelry.

During the welcoming dinner, Kane asked Heart what her experience is like dating Filipino men as Kelly was looking to date one. “It’s the best. I mean, they treat you like a princess, and they’re just very sweet,” Heart shares. The talk seemed to have worked as Kelly gives her number to one of Heart’s Filipino companions. Sadly, that’s the last of Heart in Bling Empire as she doesn’t appear anywhere else during the rest of the season.


In 2021, Heart was spotted hanging out with Kane Lim in LA, which led many to believe that she’ll finally be in Bling Empire. Her lack of appearance in season two earlier this year left some disappointed, which is why her debut this season was much welcomed. If Heart’s time on the show felt too bitin, that may be due to how Heart wasn’t willing to stay too long in LA. In a past interview, she revealed that the show’s producers asked her to stay in LA for three months to shoot the show. Heart couldn’t commit to the long stay so they had to make do with what they got.

Anyway, there’s always next season, and the way she talked about her time on the show, it seems as if she’s open for more appearances. On Twitter, the style icon reminisced her moment with the Bling Empire crew calling it “a fun cameo.” Also, Heart did say that she filmed for a movie for Netflix, so her time with the streaming service may just be beginning.

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