Good Luck, Chuck: This True Classic Is Debunking The Myth Of Giving Shoes As Gifts

True, they never go out of style.

With all due respect to long-held traditions, Converse wants to let you know that if you want it, or feel that someone else deserves a new pair, shoes are always a good gift idea.

If superstition is to be believed, then giving shoes, especially during Christmas is bad luck. Considered far from ideal, a lot of things compound this traditional Chinese belief. There’s the reasoning where the word “shoe” phonetically alludes to “evil” in Mandarin and “rough” in Cantonese, which could signal something less than ideal. And with the conversation of relationships, it is in the same belief that whoever receives the gift of shoes will walk away from you. While there exists a respect for tradition, a lot of life has taught us that not all is to be taken literally or as an absolute. Sure, there might have coincidences in the context of gifts, shoes, and departures, but a lot of myths of the similar sort have been debunked. Meaning, yes, you can go ahead and give whatever you want on during the holidays.

Whether its a special occasion, a well-deserved pick-me-up, or just another normal day, shoes are always a good idea. So, when giving love on Christmas as day, there’s a lot to consider, mainly price, function, and of course, style. And as we turn the corner of the typical Christmas rush, a true classic has got our backs with its seasonal campaign, Give Converse.

Give Converse

Just in time for the manic mad dash of Christmas, Give Converse also ushered in the opening of a new store to help you with your gift ideas. In congruence to its irreverent nature, the heritage brand went balls to the walls as it not only ushered in customers to its fresh space in Uptown Mall in BGC, but also celebrated the season of giving with the final stop of its popular Create Next Pop-up series. 

After pinning down locations in Poblacion, Pampanga, and Cebu, Converse punctuated this coming together of style, art, and music with a party-slash-concert at the Fountain Area. Just like its previous iterations, the Create Next Pop-up Manila assembled a cool mix of people who braved the infamous city traffic and the rain to eat, drink, and step into a good time. There was a lot to enjoy that night as photo moments, mural painting, and tattoo sessions kept everyone busy. But what really got everyone bopping their heads and moving their feet were the performances that made everything extra special. 

It was a gift that kept on giving as Converse treated everyone in the immediate periphery to music from its army of All Stars, such as Timmy Albert, DJ Hoest, and DJ Kate Jagdon. Fresh from the United States, Kiana Valenciano also blessed us with a string of her hits, searing lyrics, and honey-like vocals, which included Does She Know. Kicking the party into high gear was Juan Karlos who rocked out to an electrifying set that featured, among others, Buwan, Demonyo, and a mash-up of Creep by Radiohead and And Huling El Bimbo by the Eraserheads.

Never Go Out Style

A most fitting punctation to its already colorful year, Converse decidedly chose to go big and to give back. As loud as its campaigns were, and the performances that got everyone moving, grooving, and jamming along, it was the festive mood of season that permeated the intensity of the night. As the sound subsided and the spirits settled, people walked away not just with perfect gift ideas in mind, but with the realization that just like the pairs of Converse that we wear throughout, kindness and generosity will never go out of style. 

And that’s a tradition that needs no debunking, ever.