Globe’s G Music Fest: Welcome To The Future Of Music Festivals

Did somebody say digitally-powered music festival of the year?

Bringing together the latest digital experiences with top music acts, G Music Fest goes big, bright, and bold in this extra special experience for Globe subscribers.

Music festivals are a cultural cornerstone of the modern day filled with great music and even greater company. But you know what we don’t look forward to in these events? The hassle of long lines and the inconvenience of trying out what the festival has to offer. This takes away from the fun as it brings added stress that can ultimately ruin the experience. Nobody wants to experience that. This ever-persistent problem was something Globe saw and wanted to fix for everyone to truly just enjoy. And they hit the bullseye with G Music Fest. 

Not only did the whole festival bring a host of memorable activities like booths, art, a diverse selection of food options, and the line-up of local and global artists who performed, but it made sure it placed the festival goer at the center through its digitally-friendly initiatives. The result was an event that not only shot up the list of must-attend festivals in Manila, but also showed us the blueprint of what the future of music festivals can look like: fun, immersive, and truly digital.


With e-ticket on hand, or on phone rather, attendees had theirs scanned at the entrance where they were promptly greeted by the festival’s ‘Gram-worthy street-art-meets-graffiti aesthetic. A sight to behold, Leeroy New’s spectacularly cosmic art installations that dotted the whole festival grounds had people stopping in their tracks to take pictures and videos. Meanwhile, attendees couldn’t miss digital artist TRNZ’s picture-perfect NFT collection, Superordinary Friends, as it was displayed on a giant screen near the main concert stage.

Boredom was the last thing anyone experienced in Passion City as it was a haven for all sorts of exciting activities. The area, conveniently located near the entrance, housed attractions such as the Kmmunity & TikTok Creator Park and Gamer Grounds where festival-goers easily got in on the action using their trusty smartphones. The moment you stepped into the place, the bright music and even brighter booth designs tempted you to try everything it had to offer. A free game of Tekken for liking a page on Facebook? Absolutely. An A-tier K-pop swag bag just for posting a TikTok? Yes, sold. 

The festival also offered a gastronomic selection of mouth-watering meals, snacks, and drinks that satisfied any rumbling stomach. And the best part was that attendees didn’t need to wait in a long line just to get their cravings filled. Many of the festival’s food booths were equipped with ChatGenie, powered by Globe Business, which meant that customers just ordered either through the booth’s social media account or by scanning their QR code. Goodbye long lines, hello glorious food.  


Music festivals are made or broken by the quality of the line-up. G Music Fest then made sure to step up to the plate as they delivered an epic all-Asian line-up that wasn’t to be missed. Even Globe subscribers who sadly couldn’t attend were able to get in on the action since the whole event was live streamed via Globe’s VH Meta platform. Attendees even enjoyed the festival in the metaverse thanks to the BUD platform. All users had to do was sign up, create their avatar, and poof, they were free to roam a virtual recreation of G Music Fest. 

The concert kicked off with jo3m and he pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. Artists like Ace Banzuelo, Lola Amour, Unique, The Juans, and Matthaios brought the beats, raps, feels, and everything in between. Swaying tunes made for a great day out in the open field while hugot-infused songs served as prime opportunities for the audience to sing along. The whole combination of stage design, production, lights, and more helped engage the crowd in the music as the vibes were just *chef’s kiss*.

A particular highlight of the G Music Fest concert came when the queens of Drag Race Philippines slayed Pop Off Ate to the screams of thousands, living rent-free in the minds of plenty, of course. The festival then closed on a one-two punch of global artists with K-pop girl group BugABoo (which marked their first performance in the country) and Thai singer-songwriter Phum Viphurit who delivered a euphoric set of swoon-worthy, easy-going numbers. 

Having Phum close things out was a fitting way to end G Music Fest, which was extra in the best way possible. Extra thrill, extra convenient, and so much more. It’s like G Music Fest read our minds and gave us everything we wanted and more.

Experiencing a digital-powered music fest like G Music Fest makes us even more excited for the future of music concerts. What could have been an ordinary concert experience turned extraordinary thanks to Globe’s innovations especially designed for Globe subscribers. This was a festival to remember in the best ways possible. With Globe, the future is bright for music festivals in the Philippines. 

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