Pinoys In K-pop Alert: Gehlee Dangca To Debut With Fellow Pinays Elisia and Hyeonju In K-pop Girl Group UNIS

From the Philippines to the universe.

16-year old Pinay Gehlee Dangca is showing the universe how it’s done as an official member of pre-debut ‘Universe Ticket’ girl group UNIS!

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Another day, another young Filipina making her debut on the K-pop and global stage. Gehlee Dangca, 16, from Las Piñas, is officially a member of an upcoming global girl group, formed through South Korean survival reality show Universe Ticket. She joins fellow Pinay Elisia Parmisano, who secured her ticket to debut in the previous episode, and half-Filipina Jin Hyeonju (Belle from CIGNATURE). The three, along with fellow top trainees Nana, Yunha, Seowon, Yoona, and Kotoko, form UNIS, a global girl group with members from all around the Philippines, Japan, and South Korea.


A fan-favorite, particularly with the Filipino audience, Gehlee ranked 4th overall after Yunha and Nana, who both won with the “Unicorn Ticketing” vote. She placed after over two million votes were cast for her to debut as a member of UNIS. In comparison, the next ranked trainee, the group’s maknae Seowon, earned over five hundred thousand votes. At the beginning of Universe Ticket, they auditioned, trained, evaluated, and judged 82 idol aspirants at the start of the show. Now, the show’s ended with eight final members—three of which make up a Filipina line, a first in the global idol industry.


Gehlee’s potential, visuals, talent, and charm throughout the show let her earn fans’ loyalty, and both theirs and the judges’ favor. The young artist knows her way in front of a camera and under a spotlight, having been a brand ambassador, pageant queen, model, and creator even before she took her talents to Universe Ticket.

Her journey on Universe Ticket hasn’t been the smoothest, having lost a few challenges and ranking low during some weeks along the way, but her determination and growth let her sharpen her skills, eventually placing her in a top spot on the survival show and securing her debut as a new generation global idol.


At only 16, Gehlee will soon debut with her fellow members Elisia, Nana, Yunha, Seowon, Yoona, Kotoko, and Hyeonju—all of whom now have the opportunity of a lifetime. With an age range of 12 to 22, the girl group will be bringing fresh talent, perspective, and synergy to the global stage. On the other hand, the ages of debuting idols like those in UNIS bring to light concerns surrounding the toll the K-pop industry takes on these young artists. Hopefully, the young trainees of UNIS achieve their dreams without sacrificing so much of their life.

What’s next for them, you ask? Now that a team of talented young to-be idols is formed, F&F Entertainment will start to prepare UNIS to debut. As a survival show group, UNIS has a promotion period of about two years and six months. Regardless, from vocals to dance to stage presence, the girls are all set to work towards showing their talents to the universe. Keep an eye out!

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