All the Fun Facts We Learned About Lee Junho During His First Fanmeet In Manila

It's time to stan.

You might have seen all the fancams and his cover of Magnus Haven’s ‘Imahe,’ but there was more to learn about Lee Junho in his memorable trip to Manila.

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Whether you’ve been a stan since the debut of the boy band 2PM or you recently became a fan due to his amazing acting in King of the Land, we can all agree that it’s impossible not to fall head over heels for Lee Junho. Luckily us, the multi-talented artist found himself in the heart of Manila, where his first fan meet unfolded as an unforgettable spectacle.

You might have seen the performances, his cover of Magnus Haven’s Imahe, and his surprise gift-giving, but before the cheers echoed through the Mall of Asia Arena last Saturday, a press conference became the stage where we had the privilege to pose questions to the artist, unraveling a more personal side of him. Here are five facts you might not know about Lee Junho.

After A Rom Com His Next Role is…

With Red Sleeve and King the Land, fans who fell in love with Lee Junho through his romantic-comedy roles were in for a surprise during the press conference. When asked about the next roles or genres he’s considering, the actor hinted at exploring something in between a character exuding a comfortable personality or an action-packed narrative. Having already made an amazing mark in historical dramas and showcased his charm in romantic comedies, Lee Junho is eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his acting journey, keeping fans on the edge of their seats as they look forward to the diverse roles he might conquer next.

Family Comes First

Despite his hectic schedule and the demands of the entertainment industry, Lee Junho emphasized the importance of family in his life. The actor shared heartwarming anecdotes about his close bond with family members, especially his nephew. When asked about how he stays in touch with them, Junho mentioned that he comes back home whenever he can to spend time with them. This insight into his personal values left people appreciating not just the artist but the person behind the spotlight.

Here’s How To Take a Break According to Lee Junho

Whether you’re stanning Lee Junho or simply working through the hectic waves of life, his insights into the art of taking breaks are pearls of wisdom worth considering. In the whirlwind of our busiest days, Junho shares his top three retreats for rejuvenation. First on the list is a visit to the gym, a sanctuary where he not only hones his physical well-being but also finds solace amidst the weights and treadmills. Second, the actor values the comfort of returning home to his family whenever he has a flight back to South Korea.

Lastly, Junho unwinds with the soothing embrace of aromatherapy, underscoring the power of scents in creating a calming atmosphere. These tips from an all-around artist shed light on the importance of balance and self-care, serving as a gentle reminder for everyone to take a day-off and recharge.

ICYDK, Here’s Lee Junho’s Definition of Sexy

In a juicier take, Lee Junho was asked about his thoughts when fans think of him as sexy and his own definition of the term. While he appreciates the flattering compliments, Junho unveils a deeper understanding of sexiness. For the actor, the allure in another person is defined by their ability to take control of their life, present themselves as put-together, and be responsible altogether. Junho’s definition of sexy goes beyond mere physical attributes, highlighting qualities that resonate with personal empowerment and a sense of responsibility.

In An Alternate Universe Lee Junho is a…

In a lighthearted moment, the media delved into an alternate universe with Lee Junho, prompting him to contemplate a life outside of acting and idolhood. When asked about his hypothetical career choice, Junho joked about applying for whatever job was hiring at the time. While that garnered a laugh from the audience, his justification behind the response revealed a candid truth—he couldn’t envision himself passionately engaged in anything else.

Given that we had a glimpse of him portraying hotel executive Gu Won in the romantic comedy King The Land, maybe he’s a hotel owner in a parallel place—who knows? To say the least, we were treated to amusing scenarios and imaginative narratives, unveiling another side of Junho that showcased his sense of humor and willingness to embrace the unexpected.

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