From Seatmates To Co-Stars: These Celebrities Were Classmates In School

Enough star power to light the whole school.

Talk about a star-studded batch.

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Graduation means a lot of things to many people, and that includes voting for who in the class is most likely to succeed. And for certain batches over the years, they probably needed to vote for two of their classmates to be honored with the recognition. After all, this projection is not limited to a certain set of rigors, especially when in school, you meet all kinds of people. And for a few lucky local stars, that means meeting and eventually succeeding with their future co-stars. 

We all know the stories of people who were classmates with celebrities, but you hit the jackpot if there are two in one class. Not only did these following stars attend the same school, but they also had the same classes. Here are some of those celeb link-ups that have us flipping through the graduation yearbook.


Julia Barretto and Gabbi Garcia with their high school classmates.

There really is something so special about high school best friends. Through thick and thin, your high school besties will be there for you. Just take a look at Julia Barretto and Gabbi Garcia. The two actors go way back as classmates in St. Paul College Pasig. It was during this time that their friendship solidified. And despite both going on to become A-list stars, nothing has really changed between them. They’re so close that Gabbi credits Julia for introducing her to Khalil Ramos.


Juliana Gomez and Claudia Barretto

You could say that it was fate with how Juliana and Claudia have known each other since their teen days. The friendship of these two young ladies first blossomed when they became classmates in high school at Everest Academy Manila in Taguig. They experienced the highs and lows of high school together, such as going to prom. And while they went on to go to different colleges, with Juliana going to UP Diliman and Claudia choosing to go to Ateneo, their friendship remained steadfast. With Juliana becoming a rising fencing ace and Claudia expanding her portfolio, the two are stars in their own right.


@bini_aiah My Enderun Campus experience ✨ #EnderunColleges #EnderunTitan ♬ Roses – The Chainsmokers

Imagine being classmates with P-pop idols. For some students at Enderun Colleges, that’s the reality with two of P-pop’s hottest idols currently taking up college there. In 2022, Akira and Aiah revealed that they both enrolled at Enderun thanks to the help of a scholarship. While the life of a young artist can be challenging, the two have managed to balance both their work and school requirements and classes. They’ve spent so much time at school that Aiah even sees Akira as the member she’s closest with in BGYO.


Alden Richards and Juancho Trivino

Sometimes, the people you meet in college will go on to play an important role in your life. Such is the case with Alden Richards and Juancho Trivino. During Alden and Juancho’s college days, the two Kapuso actors were classmates at De La Salle University–Laguna Campus. The moment would be a foreshadowing of how intertwined their lives would be as both would eventually join the same network and even star in the same GMA series, 2017’s Destined To Be Yours, among other projects.


Yasmien Kurdi and Bea Alonzo

These two stars have a history, and we aren’t just referring to the projects they’ve been in. The two were classmates alongside fellow actress Shaina Magdayao. But before you imagine the trio ruling the school, Yasmien said that they rarely had time to see each other because their schedules were so different. Still, given that they went to the same high school, it feels right knowing that Yasmien and Bea would go on to play sisters on Start-Up PH.


Ara San Agustin and David Licauco

Technically, while Ara San Agustin was studying at De La Salle University, David Licauco was a student at CSB. Still, given how they were in the same college system at the same time and Ara was classmates at La Salle with David’s cousin, we’ll let this one slide. It was during their college days that the two Kapuso stars got to know each other with Ara revealing in an interview that David made it slightly known that he had feelings for her. Still, this college romance did not bloom. But at least they would go on to work at the same company. 

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