Into Friendship Threesomes? Here’s What It’s Like To Have Your Own Iconic Trio

Even Betty and Veronica needed a Cheryl.

You guys know a huge group of friends, like 5 or 7, is a whole lotta fun. But nothing is better than having your own friendship trio: an intimate, share-anything-you-want, solid inner circle.

From Jenny, Blair, and Erin of Someone Great to Natalie, Alex, and Dylan aka Charlie’s Angels, having two best friends to be there for you through thick and thin is the greatest social achievement you’ll ever get. 

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It’s like having two people weigh out every decision you’ll ever make, know two sides to every scenario you’re involved in, and receive two different pieces of advice when handling your problems. (Seriously, it’s like having your own shoulder angel and devil.) I met mine in 2016, still fresh? Yes, we know. But it really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been friends, it’s actually the phases you guys have been through that counts. And our friendship has been through a lot of breakups, fights, arguments, getting-over-a-guy syndrome, and the little things in between that bolstered our relationship as strong as it is now. 

And no, this ain’t some Harry Potter scenario where Professor McGonagall questions why when something bad happens, it’s always your triad that’s involved. There are good, in fact, great things, too. To start, we are three completely different people in the triumvirate. And yet we share the same heart and devotion to the friendship that even if we do not talk for a month, the bond is still there. So, what is it like to belong in an iconic, amazeballs trinity?

Attendance is ez

best friendship trio

Given that there are only three of you in the circle, time and schedule adjustment is never hard. Let’s face it, getting a huge group of people with different jobs to come together is such a task. We don’t work like that. No one is supposed to get left behind. Depending on the people you’re with, whether you’ll be hanging outside or if you guys are health-conscious like us who just downloads any “watch together” app and enjoy a movie together. Yes, it’s kinda lame to not be able to see each other personally but it’ll suffice for now!

Front-stabbing is the norm

best friend trio

Any triad whose friendship got tested dozens of times will have no problems with being brutally honest with each other. Since the circle is small, there’s no use gossiping or whispering behind another friend’s back. Trust me, they’ll figure it out eventually. What’s so special about this friendship is that we take these hateful comments into consideration. We treat it as if it’s said because we know they’re really for our own good. I’ve heard A LOT of front-stabbing from my best friends and they’ve done me nothing but good once I listen to them. (Well, that’s if I listen.)

Problems come in threes

bestffriend trio

Your problems will never be just your own. These two people will always share them no matter how big or small. And the coolest part is even if it takes you longer to solve any challenges life throws, your best friends will be there to carry it with you. You’ll be equipped with a support system so tough and powerful, these hindrances won’t stand a chance. 

Someone will always answer your 911

charlie's angels friendshrip trio

A trio may be defined singular in the dictionary, but you and your best pals still have separate goals. This means that you’ll be busy with your career, family, or happenings that may require your full attention. Being in a group of three, someone will always be available to comfort, hang, talk with you when you can’t get your ducks in a row or just to blow off some steam. No, the other person won’t feel left behind, a solid troika will never let jealousy ruin the friendship. There will always be that understanding. 

You consider these two people as a family so much that they can even decide your life for you. The best moments of this kind of friendship isn’t measured by the problems you’ve faced and conquered or the fights you got over, it’s about the fact that despite those walls you had to break through, you guys still want to be there for each other, be godparents of their babies, and to still hang out when you guys are 50. 

For example, Betty and Veronica’s friendship is pretty much set in stone. Imagine adding a dose of Cheryl Blossom in the mix and you’ll get a jam-packed, unapologetic, powerhouse of a triad at full throttle. A friendship so pure that not even a Hiram or the Southside Serpents can possibly bring down. And that’s for life!