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All The Times Francine Diaz Collected Korean Stars Like Photocards

Successful fangirl fr fr.

I mean, it’s Francine Diaz, we don’t blame them.

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Among the select lucky few who can say they are truly living the Y/N life, Francine Diaz can proudly raise her hand. As if being one of Gen Z’s brightest stars wasn’t enough, Francine also had her fair share of Hallyu run-ins that many wouldn’t mind experiencing. Chin really went from being a fan of K-pop and K-drama to rubbing shoulders with actual Korean stars real quick, and we love to see it. Check out the times the young actress made interacting with and getting noticed by Korean stars look easy. 


@francinesaenz_ See you next month, My Love! 😉🫶🏻 #fyp #seoinguk ♬ Asn – thsituan._.

It’s one thing to work with a top K-drama actor. But for them to personally request to work with you? Now that’s a flex, one Francine can humbly brag. Back in January, Francine and Korean actor Seo In Guk shook social media after Chin shared a video of them on TikTok that had netizens wondering about this seemingly random link-up. It turns out that the two are set to work together for the first time, and it’s going to be for a song. 

Francine will collaborate with the Replay 1997 star for a remix to his track My Love, with the announcement happening during her 20th birthday, no less. The track was initially released in 2022 featuring a rap verse from Ravi. However, this new version, which is set for a release this February, will see Ravi’s part replaced with a new section featuring Francine. And to make it even better, this all started when Seo In Guk personally asked Francine’s manager if Francine could be part of the song. 




From fan to friend, Francine is living the dream. In case you’re confused, let’s rewind the clock to how all this went down. Back in February 2022, Francine got social media talking when All Of Us Are Dead star Ham Sung-Min, who played the lovable Gyeong-su, followed Francine on Instagram, making her just one of the 260 accounts he follows. 

The two even exchanged DMs on IG, with Sung-Min telling her that if ever she came to South Korea, they should meet up. That moment arrived when the two actors, along with Francine’s manager and family, had dinner last December 2022 at Myeongdong when Francine and her family were on vacation in Seoul.


Imagine being praised by Stray Kids’ Bang Chan? For Francine, she doesn’t need to as it happened. During one of Bang Chan’s V-lives, SKZ’s leader was asked if he saw Chin’s dance cover of their song God’s Menu on ASAP. He replied by saying that he did see it and thanked her for a job well done. The fact that Chin is a fan of the group and got noticed by their leader is a whole sana all and a half. 


Like many of us, Francine was a fan of All Of Us Are Dead when it dropped on Netflix in early 2022, especially some of its cast like lead actor Yoon Chan-young. So, like the appreciative fan that she is, she sent the actor a DM on Instagram. And lo and behold, the actor actually saw her message, which was enough for the young star. But to make it even better, he replied to Chin’s message with a wave greeting. 




You can always count on Francine to be at the front of the line when it comes to meeting our K-drama faves. Case in point, not only was Chin seated at the VIP section of Kim Soo Hyun’s Manila fanmeet last June 2022, but she also got to go up on the stage to meet and get a poster from Kim Soo Hyun himself. And to top it all off, she took a picture with the Korean actor backstage. 

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