Here Are The Filipinos That Made It On Forbes First-Ever Top Creators List

Some of them have already appeared in their 30 Under 30 list.

Forbes recently launched its Top Creators list and three of the biggest Filipino creators on the internet were included as recognition of their undeniable impact.

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In this age of where the internet and social media rule, being a content creator is the new profession and being an influencer is a new celebrity. While you still can make a name for yourself through the more conventional means, just having a presence online is already enough to make you famous. While “internet famous” is often a derogatory term used to insult creators on social media, there are those who have parlayed their online fame into true success and global followings. It was these creators that Forbes magazine wanted to highlight with the recent launch of their very first Top Creators List.


Forbes’ newest list highlighted 49 of the most powerful influencers in the world. These are the people you most likely know of even if you don’t follow them. They range the gamut of TikTok stars, YouTubers, streamers, and more. To help determine the list, Forbes used three criteria. First is earnings, which is what the magazine estimated the individual made in 2021. The second is clout, which measures total followers and engagement. Last was entrepreneurship where they gave the creator a score between one and three that determined if the individual branched out to make their own business ventures.

Topping the inaugural list was Mr. Beast, which really isn’t that much of a surprise. Also in that list, three Filipinos were included. Let’s take a look then at Pinoys on the list who can arguably be considered as some of the most powerful Filipinos on the internet.  


Sitting at an impressive 14th on the list is YouTuber, makeup artist, and beauty mogul Patrick Starrr. Anyone who turned to YouTube to make-up tutorials would know that Patrick was a true OG in the game. Since then though, the Filipino creator has transitioned into business with the founding of his very own make-up brand, the inclusive ONE/SIZE. Forbes estimated that the beauty guru made 15 million dollars in 2021 and gave him a three on the entrepreneurship scale. With his 14th spot, he’s the highest ranked Filipino on the list.


Bretman Rock got his start on YouTube years ago. But even though he doesn’t post as often on the site anymore, Bretman is still a force on the internet thanks to his strength in other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Aside from winning at the social media game though, Bretman has also been involved in other business ventures such as having his own reality show on MTV and becoming a spokesperson for Nike. Because of all that and more, Forbes placed Bretman at the 27th spot, with estimated earnings of 6.1 million dollars and a two on the entrepreneurship scale.


Not far from Bretman is his fellow Filipino star and cousin, Bella Poarch, who is on the list at 29. While she did become famous thanks to TikTok, she has since branched out into other fields, such as a promising music career and having multiple partnerships with big brands. Bella, who is the only person on the Forbes list who served in the military, has an engagement rate of 11.8%. Not only does that make her have the highest engagement among Bretman and Patrick, but also one of the highest among all her fellow creators on the list. Oh, and Forbes estimated that she brought in a cool five million dollars in 2021.  

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