Markus Paterson

For His First Solo Cover Shoot, Markus Paterson Digs Deep Into The Lessons Learned So Far

Everyone, it’s time we really meet Markus Paterson.

With the element of the earth smeared on his face and his hair messed up for good measure, Markus Paterson is out to make an impact.

“This is my first magazine cover shoot,” says a wide-eyed Markus Paterson, his grin growing even bigger as the preparations progress that quiet day. “Ever?” we ask, assuming that he would finish the sentence with “in a year or so.” While we were reeling in shock that it has taken this long for him to front a magazine or media title such as NYLON Manila, he says that so far the only covers he’s done are song covers he posts online. Kidding aside, Markus assures us that he is glad this would count as his first, especially since this time, he has quite the story to tell.

Tucked away in the studio of photographer Seven Barretto at the heart of Quezon City, a field was being built from scratch. With patches of grass shooting up to nearly human size, dried up soil wedging itself in between the hollows of our shoes, and a gradient of sky as a backdrop, it was as if we were whisked away to a golden expanse where you could just run without a care in the world. Leaving that to the liberty of imagination, especially since we were working with a limited real estate, the slice of space we had was more than enough to come up with visuals as if we really were in the great outdoors.


Make It Count

“So excited for this to come out,” he wrote his Instagram at the end of the day, his face smeared in a simulation of the element of the earth and his hair messed up for the full effect. It was a good day, by all accounts, even more so with the way he opened up. Who would’ve thought this was the first cover of Markus? Well, this is one first we all will be remembering, for sure.

Seesawing between a boy full of the exuberance of youth and a distinct stillness akin to his responsibilities in life, Markus Paterson is clearly a man on a mission. This time, he is making his mark and savoring the moment—and having fun while he’s at it.