9 Filipino Teleseryes That Were So Good, They Were Remade In Other Countries

Going global.

From Kadenang Ginto, Forevermore, and more, these teleseryes went overseas with their international remakes.

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Marimar, The Broken Marriage Vow, Voltes V: Legacy, and more, the history of Philippine TV is filled with many local adaptations of international shows. But as much as Filipino creatives look to shows outside the country to adapt for the country’s audience, so too do other countries. Over the years, quite a few teleseryes were remade abroad in countries across two continents. It just goes to show that local TV shows are good enough to be remade in another part of the world. Check out these local shows that got the international remake treatment.


In 2014, the world fell in love with LizQuen when their first teleserye together, Forevermore, premiered. It was the show that launched the love team, and not to mention the two lead stars, into a new level of fame. And even after all these years, the show’s impact can still be felt. It was recently announced that an international remake was being produced in Turkey. Titled Vermem Seni Ellere, the show is set to air later this year and will follow the love story of Zellis and Mehmet.


From 2018-2020, Kadenang Ginto was the show that got people talking. The many dramatic adventures of the Mondragon family routinely broke the internet. The show was so popular, it even got an international remake before it ended its run. In January 2020, Indonesia aired its version called Putri Mahokta, which translates to ‘crown princess’.


Whether it be the 2000 original or the 2015 remake, Pangako Sa’yo is one of the most iconic teleseryes to air on Philippine TV. Understandably, the seminal show also attracted the attention of international producers, particularly in Cambodia, where a local remake simply titled The Promise aired in 2013.


If you haven’t seen this local drama yet, then you need to add it to your watchlist ASAP. It follows a story of a group of young lawyers whose trip to Baguio goes awry when they get involved in a murder. It’s the kind of legal thriller you don’t often see on Philippine TV. Even international audiences saw its potential. In 2020, a remake titled Bukan Salah Cinta aired in Indonesia


For fans of the Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa love team, this show was everything they wanted, especially since it came after Pangako Sa’yo. It’s a show that still resonates over a decade after its initial run as, in 2018, a Malaysian remake titled Cinta Tiada Ganti ran in the country for over five months.


This teleserye starring Sylvia Sanchez about a mom who goes to great lengths to help her son has some history behind it. In 2020, it became the first Filipino series to get an adaptation in Turkey where it went under the name Bir Annenin Gunahi.


Iconic is an apt word to describe this hit teleserye that solidified the Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu love team. The show even made an impact overseas, like in Malaysia where a remake titled Angkara Cinta aired in 2020.


This 2007 drama starring Sunshine Dizon and Iza Calzado had such a riveting plot, it needed to be told in other countries. Before it got a local remake in 2017, the show was first remade in Cambodia in 2012 and was called Impostors. Fun fact, the show holds the title of being the first GMA series to get a remake abroad.


Mistresses are a common theme in local TV and movies. But The Legal Wife is arguably one of the best modern teleseryes to tell that kind of story. Monica and Nicole are childhood best friends. But when Monica discovers that her husband, Adrian, is cheating on her with Nicole, an explosive war between the two tears erupts. In 2023, Malaysian audiences got to experience their version of this talked-about show when an adaptation called Isteri Halal began airing in February 2023. We’re curious how the show will do their take on that catfight between Monica and Nicole. 

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