6 Filipino-Made Horror Games To Play For A Spine-Tingling Gaming Session

These games are not for the faint of heart.

Fill those creepy nights with these Filipino horror games that are brimming with haunting tales and locally made scares.

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From classics like the Resident Evil series to more modern hits like Dead by Daylight, horror video games will always have a special place in gamers’ hearts. First-person, third-person, shooter, multiplayer, survival-horror, and more, scary video games come in all kinds of genres that continue to keep us at the edge of our seats. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of putting on your headphones, turning off the lights, and playing your favorite horror game as you feel as if someone or something is watching you. Even if you don’t play horror games, you’ve probably watched a couple of Let’s Play of people doing so. 

But while we will always have our Outlasts and Dead Spaces of this world, we turn the spotlight to locally-made horror games. The Philippine gaming scene is a small one, but it is growing with a talented community of Filipino developers who are making games for a variety of genres, and that includes horror. So, if you’re looking to spice up your horror games library with some local frights, check out these following Filipino-made horror games. 


You’ve probably seen this game on your feed recently, and that’s for a good reason. Psychological horror game Ligaw was developed by Raven Studios and served as their thesis at the University of Caloocan City in 2022. The game centers on the life of a delivery package rider as the player is tasked with delivering packages in Caloocan City. But one day, you are asked to drop a delivery inside a house, which soon leads the character to experience strange visions as they realize that something wrong is afoot. 

This Philippines-set game puts the focus on the delivery riders of the country with how the dark atmosphere, unsettling story, and creepy occurrences serve as a creative reflection of how their livelihoods aren’t easy to come by. You can download the game here


From Zeenoh Inc. comes this Filipino horror game released in June 2016. With a story that spans from Spanish colonial rule to the present day, the survival horror game has players assume the role of Ara Cruz, an investigative reporter who is researching a set of mysterious murders. Her search leads her to an old mansion where creatures, monsters from Filipino folklore, and dark spirits roam its halls as players have to solve the mystery and make it out alive. You can download the game here


Hospitals have always been a great setting for horror games for reasons you can probably guess. Such is the case with this project from Underdog Games, a group of developers from the University of Caloocan City. The first-person game takes place at the Bridgerough National Institute of Mental Health in Baguio City. The player takes control of Kate, who is goaded by her friends to go ghost-hunting in Baguio, which leads them to the abandoned mental hospital. But they soon realize that there are horrors inside the institution that have yet to be buried as Kate, and by extension, the player, has to find out what happened to their friends and not die. 

Aside from being a survival horror experience, Ang Ospital also serves as a commentary on the not-so-ideal state of mental care in the Philippines. Mental health is a major pillar of the game, as seen in how Kate is struggling with her mental health as players need to control her anxiety. You can download the game here.  


This Solitary Studios-developed indie game follows Veronica, a young girl who survives a fire that kills her entire family. As the only survivor of the incident, Veronica is left scared as the accident causes her to experience haunting paranormal activities. You can check out the game for yourself by downloading it here. 



When your inspirations for a horror game are Resident Evil 7 and Outlast, you know you’re on the right track. That’s the vibe Lucas is hoping to give. Developed by Kenneth Agar, who is also behind other horror titles such as Nyctophobia Devil UnleashedLucas brings players into a demented world where they can’t fight back as players can only hide from the terrors the game has in store. As of this writing, Lucas is still in its demo phase, but it’s worth checking out, which you can do here


Unlike the other games on this list, Saint Maker, which was developed by Yangyang Mobile, is a story-focused visual novel that features heavy use of religious iconography. Players follow Holly Beltran as she goes on a religious recollection at Saint Idelora’s Convent. As you can imagine, things don’t turn out well for Holly as the convent holds its fair share of dark secrets. With over six hours of content, professionally-voiced lines, and different endings based on the player’s choices, Saint Maker is going to have you relive those traumatic recollection experiences all over again. You can download the game here. 

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