Need A Productivity Buddy? Follow These 7 Filipino Content Creators ASAP

Ready to get my life together.

What’s a faster way to get productive than watching other people get their life together? 

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There is a certain appeal found in watching people on screen get their life together through a carefully curated routine. Watching others arrange their desk, color their notion pages and journals, go on walks, and reset their life usually sparks an unexplainable drive for viewers to mimic their actions in an attempt to live the same “life on track” they see on screen. 

Picking up a routine or embodying a positive mantra from virtual study buddies collates an abundant pool of habits that could help you improve how you live life in the long run. For some, this could just be an attempt to fuel themselves to move. Does it work? Sometimes, but we love these videos anyway.

And when scrolling across social media, you’d find a fair share of content creators whose vlogs make you feel like you want to get your life in order. There have been representations from every university, providing a study buddy for a more diverse audience. Haven’t found your buddy you can live vicariously with? While change always starts with you, these Filipino content creators might just be your next virtual productivity buddy to inspire you to get going.


If you ever find yourself cluelessly navigating adulting and living alone, you might want to binge Maeve’s YouTube channel. Her channel features several “Living Alone” vlogs that might get you out of your independent life slump and just get your feet walking to the grocery store. Her vlogs are the perfect escapism mechanism for when independence becomes daunting and overwhelming.

love, zyrha

If you’re a Thomasian or an aspiring one, living vicariously through Zyrha’s vlog shall spark the roar within you! Study vlogs in the UST library, cafe hopping, and overall feeling the España vibes through her frames will definitely get us through the ~harsh~ realities of college.

alyanna ross

Alyana is undeniably one of the most prominent figures in the productivity community. Her channel is a one-stop-shop for anyone who seeks organization in life. Alyana takes us to different journeys that make up her life, from studies to internships to side hustles, she shows great tenacity at all times. Watching her just makes you want to reorganize your Notion page from scratch in an attempt to live the same balanced life as hers.


Cute things = a more productive lifestyle (it’s a thing, trust me), and it’s very much observed within Baei’s YouTube channel. Study vlogs paired with stationary hauls, a killer combo for instant placebo productivity. 

mae creates

Not only do we have productivity icons university students can follow suit, but for the working class as well. Mae is an architect whose art skills bleed beyond her works onto the screens of her audience. What sets her apart from the other creators is her all-rounder content that mirrors the life of every age bracket. Pinching in a little cooking moment and random general cleanings in her vlogs just screams adulting.

c h e l s e a a

This admirable senior high school student might just be our new productivity role model. One look at Chelsea’s well-organized Instagram feed and you can already feel the motivation to be even as half-organized as her feed immediately rushes. 


This Katipunan girlie is a mirror of all things aesthetic, from her desktop set-up to the most visually appealing study spots she finds. Steff is also a perfect mix of productivity and life beyond her desk. Steff’s content also takes us into the inner workings of her mind as she shares what habits build this effective routine of hers.

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